Open beta version

Patch 2.3.9



This patch aims to improve the overall stability of the mod, especially in space skirmish.
Most notably, a lot of sound file errors have been fixed which were suspected to crash the game occasionally.
Meanwhile ground skirmish gets fleshed out with new particle effects and a bunch of QoL updates.

- Added new version of Map_Space_Building_AncientSensor.ALO with a build_00 animation and shadow
- Fixed hangar shields on all ancient stations
- Fixed shield mesh of Asuran_Space_Unit_Cruiser.ALO
- Reduced size of the shield bubble of Tauri_Land_Building_Shield_Generator.ALOTextures:
- Added Tok'ra ability icon for Selmak
- Add missing map textures w_8 and w_8_b from 1.3.1, create normalmap w_rivrock00_b (resolves #3129)

- Added new Field Commander buff effects for all factions
- Added new model and particle file for Wraith Queens Ghost ability
- Added new Intimidation effect for Anubis
- Scaled heavy Grace proj up and light proj down for better visual difference (issue #2906)
- Reduced Screenflash for Tauri orbital strike

- Updated FormationOrder for all ground units where it made sense
- Updated shipname assignments to ships (resolves #3073)
- Improved wraith and tauri fighter flight behavior/targeting (issue #2925)
- Adjusted Secondary_Mining_Facility to stargate mine
- Fixed crash introcued by the latest Steam versions if more units can be built than there are buttons in the command bar.
- Fixed Barrage randomly stopping after a period of time
- Fixed Ashen cruiser HP naming (issue #2906)
- Fixed Grace ship select_box_scale
- Fixed duplicate hero clash "ObiWan_BobaFett"
- Fixed nonvalid abilities in GameConstants
- Fixed nonvalid starting planet of the Wraith Queen
- Fixed incorrect tags in Unit_Space_Tauri_O_Neill.xml, Unit_Space_Tauri_BC_304.xml, Unit_Space_Tauri_F_302.xml, Unit_Space_Tauri_B_302.xml, Unit_Space_Goauld_Anubis_Hatak.xml, Unit_Space_Wraith__Hero_Michael.xml, Unit_Space_Tauri_HB_302.xml
- Fixed unknown model or particle "Teltak_L.ALO"
- Fixed unknown model or particle "Goauld_Space_Projectile_Alkesh_Bomb.ALO"
- Fixed unknown model or particle "Wraith_Land_Building_Command_Center.ALO.alo"
- Removed unused text strings (#3126)
- Removed unused icon and radar icon names (#3126)Goauld:
- The Alkesh can now perform a proper barrage (Resolves #0002688, resolves #0002566)
- Fixed code error in the Alkesh fileTauri:
- Coded smoke greande ability for the Special Forces (Issue #0002911) (WIP)
- Recoded all Tauri space units using the template (except for fighters)
- Fixed CategoryMask for SG team and Sniper (resolves #3090)
- Fixed too high Ranged_Target_Z_Adjust for Tauri shield
- Fixed inhibitor having WEAPON behavior (assert error)Wraith:
- Fixed wrong Garrison_Bone_Name for Wraith Shuttle (potential fix for issue #2857)

- Pegasus Prelude: Fixed a script crash in the Wraith Envoy script
- Fix ground_turret script not tirggering abilities and adjust ability ranges (issue #2648)
- Removed freestore requirement from PP story scripts

- Added sounds for Tokra units (Selmaks special ability)
- Transport rings can lo longer be heard over the whole map. Sound is also added to sfx anim txt instead of script. (Resolves #0003065)
- Fixed unknown SFX event "Unit_Defeat_Wraith_Superhive"
- Fixed unknown SFX event "Unit_Defeat_Prometheus"
- Fixed unknown SFX event "Unit_Barrage_Genii_Space_Destroyer"
- Fixed unknown SFX event "Unit_Defeat_Envoy"
- Fixed unknown SFX event "Unit_Barrage_Rebel_Space_Station"
- Fixed unknown sound file "Data\Audio\Speech\Asgard_Beliskner\Asgard_Attack__ENG.wav"
- Fixed unknown sound file "Data\Audio\Speech\Daedalus\Daedalus_Low_HP_ENG.wav"
- Fixed unknown sound file "Data\Audio\Speech\X304\X304_Critical_HP_ENG.wav"
- Fixed unknown sound file "Data\Audio\Speech\X304\X304_Low_HP_ENG.wav"
- Fixed unknown sound file "Data\Audio\Speech\Michael\Michael_NoEngine_ENG.wav"
- Fixed unknown sound file "Data\Audio\Speech\Wraith_Zerstoerer\WZerstoerer_Critical_HP_ENG.wav"
- Fixed unknown sound file "Data\Audio\Speech\Baal\Baal_Guard_ENG.wav"
- Fixed unknown sound file "Data\Audio\Speech\General_Wraith\General_Critical_HP_ENG.wav"

- Add missing com_array markers to Juna skirmish map

- Added Selmak ability text and icon issue #2848

Patch 2.3.8



The Wave Mode maps in skirmish can now finally be played in multiplayer without causing a synchronization error.
The Wraith got some explosion sounds for their land units for more 'boooom', and we've fixed a nasty crash related to the destruction of the Goa'uld shrine.

- Fixed Shrine potentially crashing the game when being destroyed

- Fixed another cause of the Hunter being stuck in his walking animation

- Added new explosion sounds for most big Wraith weapons (land): Most notable on the Walkers and the Queen's Cruiser ability
- Removed X-Wing spin away death sound from X-301

Level Design:
- The Wave Mode maps no longer go out-of-sync when being played in multiplayer!
- On the Earth and Dakara WM maps, fog of war has been added

Patch 2.3.6



Hotfix to fix 'Chinese' ship names.

Models and Effects:
- Upadted Wraith_Land_Unit_Harvester.ALO - the unit can crush infantry now
- Deleted unmegged shaders and updated shaders.meg

- Added textual info which fighters are hyperspace-worthy and which are not (Resolves #0002463)Goauld:
- Removed non-existing sound reference Unit_Defeat_BaalTauri:
- Replaced non-existing targeting priority SG_Infantry_AntiAll with SG_Infantry_AntiInfantry
- Added missing hardpoint to X-301 spaceWraith:
- Removed WEAPON behaviour from the Wraith Queen since she can't attack
- Fixed Dart self landing transport submerging below the ground when deploying (Resolves #0002743)
- randomized Wraith fighter Squadron_Offsets
- Fixed Error: Object type PROJ_TAURI_BOMB_B302_LAND has no XML category mask assigned to it

- Updated ground skirmish AI scripts: The AI is now better at building upgrades and special units

Level Design:
- Removed a ground map from stable that should not have been there

- Fixed some shipnames being displayed in unusual characters

Patch 2.3.3



This patch includes some fixes for PP that have been introduced with the last patch, new planets and new shaders for GC making everything look better and various text updates.
For ground we also added new content, such as a cooler Wraith bombardment, a lot of new weapon sounds, a new Alkesh landing transport animation, updated Targeting Priorities (making units act more intelligent), a new ability for Selmak, and several tweaks/fixes.

Models and Effects:
- Added new Galactic Planet Models (resolves #3046)
- Added new shaders to improve visual appearnec of planet models
- Added Goauld_Land_Unit_Alkesh_Landing_Self.ALO (new landing transport animation)Icons:
- Reduced radar icon size of all satellites (resolves #3055)

- Added Targeting_Priority_Sets to all ground units where it was missing
- Adjusted Score_Cost_Credits, Build_Cost_Credits, and Build_Time_Seconds for all units
- Fixed several issues with transports. All transports use the template now and all self landing transports should now work in space (Resolves #0003052)Pegasus Prelude:
- Updated some of the planets with the new galactic modelsGoauld:
- Fixed Herak build icon having ground strings in space skirmish.
- Removed non-existing hardpoint from Baal space hero (no bones for HP_BAAL_F_SBH_00)
- Recoded the Goa'uld fighters (space) to use the templateTauri:
- Adjusted bombardment blob size
- Added new special ability for Selmak: Call Tokra reinforcements
- Added blend with terrain ability to the new Tokra Commando unitWraith:
- Changed Wraith orbital strike to match the Goauld one better
- Increased Bombardment_Offse> to give kami dart projectiles more time to reach the ground and play the sound to the end (reduced Bombardment_Initial_Delay in turn and adjusted timings in the other faction's bombardments)
- added a 50% chance for the sound to play to avoid too many overlapping sounds
- Fixed Wraith Scorpion Good_Against / Vulnerable_To
- Disabled the Hunter's ability because it would cause the unit to get stuck in the walking animation (Issue #0002922)

- Fixed Skirmish error caused by ObjectScript_Remove_Starbase_PP

- Added new/additional weapon sounds for  Ashrak, Jumper, Dart, Ronon, Wraith Stunner, Wraith Pistol. Wraith Cull Beam, TER, Ori (Resolves #0003059, Resolves #0002768)
- Added sounds for Wraith ground vehicles + turrets
- Added script for playing sound to the dart bombardment proj

- Fixed text for KS7_535 not being displayed
- Updated CreditsTexts

Patch 2.3.2



This patch further improves ground skirmish by adding new units and abilities (Wraith foremost), improving balance and visuals and fixing several minor and major issues with ground battles in general.
The fix for the long standing bug with the Wraith Queen not spawning in the Pegasus Prelude tactical battles is also included.
Furthermore, it adds a new ground skirmish map - Yus Homeworld - and slightly improves the mods' performance, especially the load time on startup.
Lastly, as usual, we continue improving our description texts: Thanks to community member Boriss for all his work on the English texts, and AbkanST for his work on the Russian translation and darkyuri for his work on the Czech translation.

Models and Effects:
- Added new model for the Wraith Queen
- Added Iratus Bug model
- Added mortar grenade smoke trail
- Added TurnL and TURNR animations to Wraith_Land_Unit_Chimera.ALO
- Added PRS_INTERDICT_FX proxy to Goauld Artillery Hatak
- Increased the visibility of the Field Commander buff particle
- Improved idle animation of the Wraith_Land_Unit_Harvester.ALO
- Fixed Wraith bomber shadow
- Fixed Wraith_Land_Unit_Harvester.ALO  muzzle bones and attackidle animationIcons:
- Added Icon for Wraith Worshippers
- Added radar icon to offensive and defensive turrets
- Added new ability icons for Wraith Ghosts and Cruiser Bombardment
- Added unit icon for Iratus Bug as well as an ability icon with Iratus Bug for Michael
- Improved all ground building radar icons and gave them contours for better visibility
- Improved icon of  Wraith Soldier and Elite Soldier to be able to distinguish them more easily
- Adjusted scale factor for every ground building radar icon
- Changed Space hero Apophis to now having a different icon than the ground hero
- Replaced the of the Artillery Hatak with the new one used by the actual ship (resolves #3008)
- Implemented workaround for Projectile_Dirt_Collide being spawned with the field commander buff projectiles
- Fixed missing Regeneration Alcove icon

- Made the game no longer load the vanilla config file to prevent it from loading a lot of un-needed stuff. This should give another performance boost
- Created a new template for ground buildings and made basically every ground building use it. This helps making the code a lot cleaner and prevent potential errors
- Fixed invalid Fire_Cone_Height in HP_BAAL_F_SBH_00 and HP_Wraith_Rebel_Starbase_M_WP_00 making those hardpoints work properly again
- Removed LAND_OBSTACLE behaviour from transportation rings
- Unified land/space retreat messages, added custom messages for every faction

Pegasus Prelude:
- Fixed the Wraith Queen not showing up in tactical battles
- Fixed Wraith scout being buildable twice
- Fixed Wallus not spawning fightersSpace Skirmish:
- Made Unit_Space_Replicator_Cruiser use the correct template and re-added shields that accidentally got removed.
- Fixed Wraith Corvette ability not ignoring cloaked unitsGround Skirmish:Goauld:
- Increased fire rate for the Kull to make the unit appear more authentic. DPS untouched.

- Fixed the Shield Malps' shield not protecting properly from enemy fire
- Nerfed F-303
- Changed Ranged_Target_Z_Adjust of the Tau'ri Radar Station to 10 so it can be correctly hit now
- Fixed grenade ability errors
- Added an additional ability for reducing reinforcement time to Tau'ri Inhibitor

- Added new units: Wraith worthshippers and made them recruitable on the Indoctrination Camp structure available on the outpost buildpad
- Added less ugly ghost model to the queen.
- Added new ability Wraith_Cruiser_Bombardment to Wraith Queen
- Added new ability for spawning an Iratus Bug Nest to Michael
- Added TURRET behav to all walkers to enable TURN animations
- Added a tag for Wraith Jammer allowing it to prevent bombing runs in a certain radius
- The Harvester can now kill infantry by running over it
- Improved the handling of the Wraith stun bomb: Added new particle effect and added Recharge_Seconds to the ability which allows the timer "ticking back" if aborted
- Changed Mantis to use an in-code turret. This allows for all barrels to be used
- Switched Seeker to hover template/walk locomotor to improve the odd movement behaviour
- Improved Brutes walking into each other
- Increased Idle_Chase_Range to 350 for the Brute: as a melee unit, it wouldn't react to being attacked in some cases
- Increased Fire_Cone_Width for Harvester AI guns
- Coded harvester head as turret so it looks at enemies when firing
- Tweaked harvester movement animation rate to avoid moonwalking
- Fixed non-working ghost ability for the Wraith Queen

- Added new speech sounds for the Wraith Queen (English only)
- Added new authentic engine sound for the Goauld Probe
- Added new sounds: shields on/off
- Added (currently unused) Zat open sound
- Replaced vanilla Stealth SFX with Jumper stealth sound
- Removed vanilla retreat sound

Level Design:
- Added new land skirmish map: Yu's homeworld!
- Increased Anubis Homeworld lake height to prevent units from being hit while being in water
- (Re-)moved the hill on M4X-337 which would cause units to get stuck frequently on spawn
- Removed fire-obstructing hill on M4X-337
- Fixed missing "spawn garrison" on outpost markers on Tagrea and Othala
- Fixed units getting stuck in middle landing zone on Haktyl
- Fixed missing Othala space map preview in game due to "Othalla"-"Othala" filename inconsistencies
- Fixed skydomes being cut off on large ground maps

- Added improved English texts by community member Boriss
- Updated several mod translation files, especially Russian (Thanks to AbkanST!) and Czech (Thanks to darkyuri!)
- Fixed some issues in the English textfile
- Added text for Wraith ground unit Ghost and for Wraith Queen's ability Ghosts and Cruiser Bombardment
- Added custom retreat texts for every minor and major faction
- Adjusted description for Ancient Dreadnought and Moros' Flagship
- Rephrased some PP GC event texts

Patch 2.3.0



This patch introduces ground skirmish to the open beta!
The main features include:
- unique ground units over all three factions - all of which are based on units featured in the series. (In case of the Wraith we had to invent some units though)
- 15 additional hero units: 6 heroes for Tau'ri, 5 for the Goa'uld and 4 for the Wraith
- 30 new base building models: Around10 for each faction, each with neat construction animations and damage models
- Completely new set of offensive and defensive turrets for all three factions
- Amazing new animations for each unit and many buildings
- Special Jaffa units with retractable helmets – just like in the movie
- Unique features such as shield MALPs, Thor’s chariot, the Tacluchnatagamuntoron (congrats if you know what we are talking about without googling it:)), or Transportation Rings which allow you to instantly travel to distant locations on many maps
- Brand new walker vehicles for the Wraith that should catch the spirit of overall Wraith style very well
- Many new “made from scratch” special abilities that are faithful to the series
- Sound effects and music taken directly from the series for the most immersive experience
- Stargate-based ground maps that were made with care to faithfully re-create iconic locations from the show. For Tagrea alone we created around 50 individual building types, including a fully animated train and the Gun Balloons that surrounded Prometheus.
- 7 ground skirmish maps total and more on the way, which will be added later
- Exceptionally stable performance especially in multiplayer – say goodbye to synchronization errors!

Furthermore, the patch adds new music tracks to the mod as well as new speech sounds and sound effects to the space part of the mod.
Additionally, it includes many gameplay improvements and fixes for the Pegasus Prelude GC (including all new planet ability icons!) along with a bunch of minor updates for skirmish such as infinite fighter respawn for all ships with hangar.

### ART ###

- Added ground skirmish! Listing all the features would bloat the changelog so just go check it out!
- Added many new planet ability icons (Resolves #2902)
- Changed/Improved some icons for GC and Skirmish

- The Anubis Flash Satellite now uses the new Goa'uld textures to have a consistent look and feel

- Added special death clone for the Prometheus (Resolves #2752)
- Fixed shield of Tauri_Space_Unit_DanielJackson.ALO (#2830) and Tauri_Space_Unit_BC-304.ALO

- Fixed an issue with the Wraith starbase level 4 where some hardpoints wouldn't take damage if fired upon from a specific angle (Resolves #2832)

### CODE ###

- Added ground skirmish! Listing all the features would bloat the changelog so just go check it out!
- Changed the fighter respawn of all ships with destroyable hangars to infinite where it wasn't already the case
- Tauri ships flight behavior improved: Updated rolling angle and turn rate for more realistic curves
- Fixed Thor being slower than regular O'Neill classes
- Added NotOpportunityTarget to AstroGun
- Fixed all Key-Value pair errors caused by wrong tags in special abilities except for upgrades increasing load time on startup (Resolves #0002503)
- Changed all instances of non-working defense bonus abilities to a health bonus
- Re-coded all Replicator space units using the template to improve stability
- Re-coded several Goa'uld units using the template to improve stability
- Removed some undesired sound files from faction xml and changed an inconsistency regrading base visibility

Pegasus Prelude:
- Added new planet ability icon names to many planets
- Fixed wrong text strings for some planet advantages
- Buffed Janus a little - he is a hero after all
- Since we don't use vanilla-style corruption we removed the hyperspace speed bonus the Ancients would get when travelling between corrupted planets
- Added a hangar bay HP to the Wraith Space Hangar to spawn Dart squadrons (resolves #2916)
- Adjusted hyperspace speed for Wraith to have a notable slowdown in hyperspace speed compared to the other factions (Resolves #0002938)
- Ancients: Fixed PP not ending in case the Asurans have not been researched
- Ancients: The Hippaforalkus can now longer randomly spawn on Taranis, which could result in immediately winning the mission (Resolves #0002831)
- Ancients: Added several fail-saves for other occasions the script could crash if the player played the events in an unexpected order (i.e. building the Doranda energy source after he already defeated the Wraith) (Resolves #0002947)
- Wraith: Enabled auto victory in PP Wraith Asteroid Field mission (resolves #2900)
- Wraith: Asteroid Field Mission: Wraith ships are now invulnerable during the intro cutscene. After the mission, the fleet now instantly moves back to Arcanus
- Wraith: Removed some newlines in the story log to avoid scrolling
- Wraith: Added a Scout to the starting forces so new playing don't waste their ships on Laros/Doranda that easily


- The mod now uses compiled lua files hoping to improve stability and performance
- Removed local variables from ability handler scripts
- Removed some unwanted object scripts


- Added new music tracks from the show to the game and improved the situational music playing in GC and skirmish
- Added more faction-unique tracks
- Added improved Helia sounds made by community member CommanderWarcraft
- Added new Daedalus attack sound from CommanderWarcraft
- Updated/Added Apollo sounds
- Varios minor sound updates made by CommanderWarcraft
- Fixed the Hatak engine sound being labelled incorrectly
- Added new Ori_Plasma.wav sound (Resolves #2508)
- Added new sound for all Goa'uld ships with deploy ability (i.e. Apophis)
- Added blank sounds for all sounds that have no English or German counterpart hoping to improve stability


- Rotated the special structure positions on Laros by 180 degrees
- Improved spawn position on Vedeena

### TEXT ###

- Various text improvements made in conjunction with community member Boriss (for example a shorter one for ZPM Hive)
- General text improvements and correction of spelling and grammar mistakes

Patch 2.2.0



This patch greatly enhances the visuals of space battles: Not only are all ships and structures capable of casting shadows, we have also given our Goa'uld fleet a major overhaul by replacing nearly all of the existing models with new ones.
Some of our questionable English translations have been improved by community member Boriss for better readability and our AI got yet another big update allowing it to use the majority of unit abilities intelligently in battle.
Furthermore, Pegasus Prelude has finally made it into the stable version of the mod, accompanied by various fixes, beautiful new intro movies, a new background and various balance and QoL changes.

### ART ###

- Added shadow meshes to ALL space units including the main factions, side factions starbases lvl 1-5, and space special structures
- Replaced the biggest part of the Goa'uld fleet with new models and texture from the SGI team. Big thanks to them!
-- In particular, the following models have been replaced: Pyramid Ship, Old Hatak, New Hatak, System Flagship, Super Hatak
- Updated and improved the the textures for the Goa'uld starbase level 1-5, Artillery Hatak, the Anubisglider, Baal, and the Replicator Hatak
- Added a new galaxy background model for the Pegasus Galaxy
- Optimized the Ancient Starbase: reduced total Polycount down to 18.000 polys
- Updated pause and battle-pending dialog
- Reduced font size on buttons of battle-pending dialog (I_ATTACK_MODE_CHOICE)
- Changed i_attack_mode_rollover to i_attack_mode_rollover_small in CommandbarComponents
- Added new W_planet_fleet.ALO model
- Added stun proxy to the Ancient Defense satellite so it has a visible stun effect when it is hit with the ion cannon of the Experimental Dart
- Updated icons for all new SGI Goa'uld ships including radar icons
- Improved icons for Selmak, Hammond and Caldwell
- Added updated from community member White_Red_Dragons (Thanks!)
- Fixed planet name location in IDD_BATTLE_END_DIALOG and removed the two horizontal lines between heroes and units, as they are separated by the texture already
- Blackened the alpha channel of Wraith Dart normal map to reduce extreme light reflections

### CODE ###

- Adding some AI behavior for station defense
- Added Selt_Destruct_SFXEvent_Start_Die to all units where it was missing
- Removed self-destruct behaviour from units that didn't need it
- Fixed scripts referring to units not existing
- Removed duplicate stub units from beta
- Fixed Underworld corruption effect and icon showing up in tactical battle

Pegasus Prelude
- Fixed a crash in the AFG function that prevented the GC from ending after the player captured all planets
- Fixed potential crash when loading a save
- Added new intro movies to PP
- Set nearly all PP starting forces as script spawn with AI usage being disabled: this fixes the problem with the player being attacked too heavily at the beginning of the GC
- Fixed an issue which would say that you have won the GC but still trigger the "lost" screen
- Locked all non-PP specific Wraith units in the STORY SCRIPT
- Made Ancient Defence Satellite buildable at Vedeena for PP
- Adjusted Ancient Starbase garrison spawns
- Removed Ancient Satellite from Gonta
- Ancient campaign: Added additional victory check in case the Asurans never turned hostile
- Ancient campaign: Minor increase of the starting credits on easy
- Ancient campaign: Made the final mission a little easier: Because you are supposed to lose the GC, not the mission^^
- Wraith campaign: Fixed Orakis mission not failing when you lost all your ships
- Wraith campaign: Added Branch_Finale_Orakis / Branch_Finale_Athos to more events, disable the whole branch if the respective planet gets taken instead of only disabling the tactical mission. In that case, also disabled the finale hint which mentions Athos and Orakis.
- Wraith campaign: Added text to Gonta mission that suggests taking out the Delphi engines and prevented AI retreat for the first 120 seconds of the battle
- Wraith campaign: Reduced playable area in Aesculetum mission
- Wraith campaign: Improvements for Athos mission
- Wraith campaign: Improvements for Orakis mission
- Wraith campaign: The last drawback problems
-- Reduced delay between conquering of J, A or B and finale hint storylog triggering
-- Removed STORY_TEXT for the finale hint and instead made the story log pop up
-- Reduced delay between conquering all three planets and the Athos/Orakis story logs triggering
-- Changed Prereq of Athos Story Log to finale-root, so it doesn't break if the orakis log gets disabled.
-- Restructured the ending. Taking the three planets (Aesculetum, Jenev and Belkan) is now a separate mission, which can be failed by moving on to Orakis or Athos before completing the three other planets. Failing this will prevent the missions on Athos and Orakis to become available.
- Removed interdictors from escort plan and added corvettes; removed corvettes from scouting plan
- Updated Wraith AI PP budget and increased offensive budget: AI should build more ships and less space stations and defense structures
- Updated TaskForce: added variable MovementStatus
- Added PP heroes to freestore

- Fixed Melia crashing PP
- Improved Melia: Fixed non-working radar icon and decreased the cooldown for her invulnerability ability
- Ancient warships now use their self destruct ability in certain situations
- Recoded the deploy satellite ability of Wallus to use POWER_TO_WEAPONS because of AI issues
- Updated Janus' holo ability so it no longer drains its shields. It now reduces his fire power instead.
- Change to Wallus' satellite ability so it has a visible cooldown
- Fixed Ancient Starbase Heavy Bomber garrison spawn issue
- Fixed SHIELD_REGEN_MULTIPLIER of Ancient_Hero_Pride_Of_Troy causing it to drain it's shields when it should strenghten them (Resolves #2425)
- Fixed Ancient Station Laser malfunctioning
- Commented out unnecessary station laser upgrades and removed them from the station and fortress
- Renamed Ancient_Station_Level_6 to Ancient_Headquarters and moved it to Space_Buildings_Ancient.xml
- Changed every entry of Ancient_Station_Level_6 and coded an Asuran variant of Ancient Headquarters
- Set tech level and base level for Ancient_Headquarters and Ancient_Fortress to 99 and removed every upgrade and unit/hero from tactical buildable objects
- Added GUI bounds scale to Ancient starbases and the defense sat
- Added empty version of Helia_Attack_4 because it was missing in German

- AI now uses Anubis's flash weapon
- Heraks bomb can autofire and is used by AI now
- Aris Bochs bomb now autofires and is used by AI
- Recoded Herak and added a new ability, replenish wingmen
- Updated Herak space mp company to show the correct ability icons in preview. Also fixed some odd code.
- Fixed a hardpoint on the Super Hatak using the wrong muzzles
- Anubis does now unfold when being called into battle

- The Tau'ri AI uses the ability of the O'Neill class ships now way less frequent in inappropriate situations
- AI can use Prometheus weapon switch now
- AI now uses the Odyssey's Asgard lasers
- Shield Satellite's health bar is now closer
- Fixed missing speech sounds for Sol

- Made AI use the corrupt systems ability of the Hive
- Made the old hive script specific for Todd
- Added automatic activation of the Corrupt Systems ability to the Hive script
- Steve should now use his cluster bombs properly
- Increased threshold for corrupt systems ability activation
- AI now uses the kamikaze darts of the Wraith battlecruiser
- AI now uses regen ability of the Wraith commando
- All Wraith PP specific abilities can now be used by the AI
- Added "Structure" to Applicable_Unit_Categories for shield leech ability
- Added better fitting fleet move sound for the Wraith Cruiser


- Added dummy sound effect Effect_Empty_Sound to prevent game errors in situations where we need to overwrite vanilla sounds or only one of the languages is


- Fixed Sagon starbase position
- Updated Asteroid Field map
- Moved Special Structure Markers on Asuras Space Map lighting update on Asuras Space Map, fixed some SS marker position
- Updated lighting on Thaltus skirmish map
- Updated Hoff map

### Text ###

- Many English text improvements made by community member Boriss (Thank you buddy!)
- Made new droid advisor tooltip texts and deleted all vanilla ones
- Added missing strings to the Textfiles so that both languages are identical
- Fixed, changed and improved some of the PP texts
- Updated Creditfile and mentioned the music composer for PP intro music
- Adjusted text for Ancient Station garrison and added a description for the shield ability
- Added Asuran Retreat String to Textfile and Faction File
- General text improvements

### Video Design ###

- Added Pegasus Prelude intro movies

Patch 2.1.1



Thanks a ton for your vital feedback on patch 2.1.0! You helped us to identify some more issues which we're fixing today with patch 2.1.1. This includes:

- Wave mode maps are working again
- Hostile objects on space maps are working again
- Herak was missing from skirmish battles
- Save games for Pegasus Prelude are now working properly
- The shield HP of the Asuran fortress was hardly targetable
- The Asurans stations Superlaser was still active after the station was destroyed
- They Pride of Troy defend ability was slowing down shield generation instead of improving it
- English texts have been improved. Thanks to Boriss for that!

Patch 2.1.0



This patch adds a massive amount of AI changes and improvements to the mod.
We have improved the AI on various fronts, significantly improving its performance in GC and skirmish.
This includes a re-balance of Pegasus Prelude and will also benefit all future GCs.
For Pegasus Prelude, we have also fixed the Asurans being nearly useless as they hardly killed any Wraith forces at all.
Additionally, units use their special abilities more intelligent now.
Furthermore, this patch incorporates various feedback by the community, numerous balance updates and several minor bug fixes and tweaks.

### ART ###

- Improved Cityship model performance, reduced the polycount of the old model (50.000 ploys) by nearly 50%
- Updated bump map for all Tau'ri space ships
- Enabeled shadows for all Tau'ri and Wraith space ships
- Merged the light mesh textures into the diffuse textures to reduce the lag when the ship is being spawned
- Improved/simplified the collision meshIcons
- Minor improvements

### CODE ###

- Slightly de-buffed the strength of all space bombers
- Removed the WEAPON behaviour of Goa'uld AF and AC satellite, Tau'ri AF and AC satellite, Wraith AF and AC satellite as well as Ancient defence satellite (issue #0002317)
- Fixed SSG unit buildability
- Changed how non-playable factions behave in the mod

General Galactic AI:
- Deactivated a bunch of superfluous goals
- Conquer plans got hung up on trying to build a starbase on planets that don't allow one. Added checks to FundBases whether the planet has non zero starbase/groundbase slots.
- Removed FireDeathStar plan
- Added our starbases to the AI equations
- Replaced Variable_Self.BaseLevel with a function that works correctly, in particular the AI won't be burning its units (as much) anymore
- Re-enabled the automatic FOW reveal
- Removed Tyber manager plan from underworld player
- Allowed the AI to build a groundbase at a planet where it doesn't have a starbase yet
- AI now likes to park units where they actually are of defensive value (i.e. on planets connected to the enemy with bonuses for important/valuable planets) and tries to park them in bigger fleets
- Disabled interventions for the SandboxHuman player so it can be used in GC's without side effects
- Removed block that kept non-rebels from raiding
- Minor changes to AI conquer plans

Skirmish AI
- Floored desire to go after any enemies objects that aren't mines, unless the AI is on easy
- Added initial delay for area sweep and scout plans
- Deleted desire reduction to go for enemy mines
- Further increased desire to go after mines and reduced desire to go after other buildpads
- Slightly increased desire to by upgrades
- Decreased desirability to burn units
- Slightly increased to upgrade starbase desire when the AI has a lot of money
- Increased desirability to buy units when the AI has a lot of credits
- Fixed AI trying to attack the invisible dummy prereq counters
- Split up tactical freestore script into a land and space version
- Minor modification to the skirmish AI template
- Made freestore units also go after mines
- Removed a duplicate equation
- Decreased desirability to go after non-refinery buildpads, this seems to have had quite the positive effect
- Created a Space_Skirmish template to better manage skirmish specific goals
- Small change in the Needs_Mining_Facility (edited)

Pegasus Prelude story fixes:
- The Asurans can now successfully conquer Wraith planets
- Fixed Deconstruction for Ancient_Space_Building_Sensor_SS_PP
- Disabled retreat for the Wraith Asteroid mission
- Fixed inconsistent Wraith starting forces
- Added space stations as starting forces to some Wraith planets that had special structures but no stations (the special structures never got spawned correctly)
- Reset the starbase script to an object script for Tauri starbases, as it was meant to be

Pegasus Prelude AI:
- Added a template to shut down aggressive AI behaviour in the beginning of the game (except on hard)
- Made the grace period depend on the planet difference between human and AI player on easy and medium
- Lowered the starting credits from 5000 to 1000 for the Ancient AI
- Reduced Ancient AI starting forces and made most of the remaining starting forces non-AI-usable
- Now giving an AI to Asurans only when they get spawned. Disabled automatic victory trigger for the duration of the Asuran event
- Added extra difficulty adjustment sets for the ancient AI for easier fine tuning
- Fixed Vader's squadron being buildable for the AI
- Made easy AI easier by disabling the Unrestricted_Grab_Space goal, this should significantly reduce the number of attacks
- Fixed some old references in PegasusPreludeGoalsGalactic.xml
- The AI can no longer build Tauri satellites

- Balanced Ancient/Asuran bomber: reduced speed, significantly reduced health, reduced squadron size, increased price
- Fixed Ancient/Asuran bomber firing inaccuracies, category and targeting priorities
- Edited some values of the Asuran/Ancient fighter to fit better with the bomber
- Adjusted Ancient starbase health and shield
- Fixed an issue with the Ancient Defence Satellite: removed unnecessary hardpoint from UC variant and added fire restriction category so it won't target fighters and bombers
- Added missing SFX Weapon_Ancient_Superlaser to Ancient_Defense_Satellite_SS
- Fixed and re-added the effect for the self-destruct ability of Aurora-class ships
- Also changed some timings of the Aurora self-destruct effect
- Fixed Ancient Cruiser not having a hyperspace window
- Fixed Asuran Destroyer not constantly being visible on radar map

- Fixed incorrect scale value for death clone of the O'Neill
- Added a script specifically for the Beliskner ability that will now use its ability if there are 6 fighters or 4 bombers in range and only frigates or capitals with combined combat power of at most ~80% of the Beliskner's own combat power
- Added the hyperspace script to the BC304 which seems to got lost at some point
- Added correct radar icon for the Tau'ri Shield Satellite

- Added missing death clone and radar icon to Wraith Space Hangar, increased tactical health from 1000 to 4000 and adjusted the scale factor
- Michaels invulnerability now auto-fires for human and AI players
- Removed non-existing hardpoints from Wraith space station
- Adjusted starbase garrisons
- AI now uses the Wraith Corvette's ability as (pure) fighter/bomber defense
- Added Hive ability script to Todd
- Removed SpawnList calls from the Hive ObjectScript which crashed the game when the Hive had no AI


- Removed non-existing attack 3 sound of the BC-304
- Removed non-existing select 3 and 4 sound of the X-303
- Removed non-existing select 3, attack 5 and move 4 sound of Michael and replaced the non-existing spawn sound
- Removed non-existing select 3 sound of the Systemlord Flagship

Patch 2.0.0



This patch comes with a variety of important changes: firstly, all Steam users will be happy to hear that we have fixed the problems that occurred when trying to play our custom TPC maps online.
We have completely solved the issue so go online and battle your friends on your favourite TPC maps!

Secondly, we have added a completely new AI to Pegasus Prelude. The new AI will be much more adaptive to player's actions, produces more units on its own and can construct all available resource buildings and starbase upgrades.

In conjunction with the new AI we have also doubled the amount of ships the Wraith can spawn during a tactical battle (We halved their popcap-requirements).
This should further add to the Wraith strategy of flooding the enemy with inferior ships as it was introduces in the Stargate Atlantis TV series. Furthermore we improved some events and minor problems to make Pegasus Prelude better than ever before.  

Last but not least we also fixed an issue in multiplayer which would cause the capture ability of SG-1 to not work properly.

- Fixed incorrect button size for auto-resolve menu

- Updated hyperspace capabilities for several fighters

- Removed incorrect weapon behaviour from Ancient_Space_Building_Satellite_Wallus
- Added missing Targeting_Max_Attack_Distance to Wallus' mini sat
- Removed some incorrect tags from the Asuran Heavy Transport

- Fixed an issue with SG-1 which would cause the capture ability to malfunction (Issue #2000170)
- When selecting the Daedalus nuke beam ability, a selection circle now shows the explosion range of the nuke (Issue #0002290)

- Removed health from non-targetable hardpoint HP_Wraith_SupplyDock_Dummy
- The Wraith Shipyard can now always be seen on the radar map even if under fog of war

Pegasus Prelude GC:
- Added a completely new AI specifically designed for PP (still needs balance testing)
- Reduced the starting credits for the AI. Additional money is given via script depending on the selected difficulty
- Granted additional money to the Wraith AI when the retreat event triggers for the Ancients
- Decreased the additional starting forces on hard in the Pegasus Prelude campaign as the now working AI will otherwise use them to wipe out the player in minutes
- Reduced the PopCap requirements of the Wraith by half
- Lowered the time it takes for GC heroes to respawn (still higher than vanilla but less ... astronomical now)
- Icreased galactic credits cap
- Added a chokepoint hint for Proculis
- (Ancients) Fixed a wrong event prereq
- (Ancients) Fixed a rare error where the Attero Device off button didn't get removed from GC
- (Ancients) Potential fix or the Asurans being enemies right away if the Nanite event triggers too late in the story line
- (Wraith) Added an Ancient fleet spawn after the mission in the Asteroid Field

- Added a completely new AI specifically designed for PP!

Level Design
- Multiplayer maps now work again in Steam multiplayer!

Patch 1.9.8



This patch incorporates a massive rework of our xml structure. We heavily worked on increasing the stability and load time of the mod by fixing countless errors that have accumulated over the last years of constant TPC development.
Not all crashes have been fixed but there is a noticeable performance and stability boost with many fixing enhancing the general gameplay.
Most important fixes in this patch encompass a game crash when playing with more than 6 players/AIs and all tactical missions in Pegasus Prelude being broken in Steam.
Aside from the now working tactical missions Pegasus Prelude has an improved late- and midgame without the Wraith becoming too passive. The constant money flow has been deactivated and many events have been improved and bugs were fixed.
For Steam users, we were also able to fix non-working shaders which caused many planet backgrounds on tactical maps to appear in bright green.
Furthermore, the Dakara Wave Mode map received a major balancing update.

- Re-exported Map_Texture_Loader_Ancients_Wraith.ALO to remove no longer existing textures
- Re-exported Tauri_Space_Hero_SG1.alo to fix a hardpoint issue
- Re-exported Map_Planet_UnknownSector.ALO to add a missing starbase marker
- Fixed Replicator_Space_Unit_Beliskner_D.ALO broken animation
- Added Othala space structure that was missing in the stable version

- Added Jumper radar icon

- Replaced several non-existing explosions with a newly created explosion
- Fixed countless incorrect shield hit effects

- Added shaders that were part of the last official Steam patch to the mod so non-Steam users can benefit from the changes as well
- Added our custom shaders to a meg file so they will be recognized by the game (this fixes all green planet backgrounds!)

- Removed files listed in the GOF that don't exist
- Deleted some Star Wars units that referenced to a non-existing variant
- Removed a lot of un-needed vanilla files that were still loaded through our GOF. This resulted in further deletions and changes in the GroundUnitsStarWars.xml
- Added missing vanilla units whose absence cause script errors
- Removed non-existing entries for ShipNameTextFiles in the GameConstants.xml
- Added Damage_Default, Armor_Default, and Shield_Default to GameConstants.xml
- Fixed incorrect Traveler text ID
- Replaced several instances of the non-existing Text_ID NONE with TEXT_NONE
- Replaced all instances of LEERSTRING and -PLAIN with TEXT_NONE
- Fixed XML bad comments in in Markers.xml and Wave_Objects.xml
- Fixed a syntax error in Particles.xml (random "z")
- Fixed non-allowed characters in Props_Stargate.xml, Props_Stargate_Space.xml, Test_Ships.xml, Test_Units_Ground.xml, Unit_Space_Neutral_GC_Dummies.xml
- Removed non-existing Targeting_Priority_Set for Wave_Aurora_Star_Base_1, Unit_Space_Asurans_Aurora.xml, Unit_Space_Asurans_Puddlejumper.xml
- Removed non-existing Space_Layer 'fighter' from all fighters that had it
- Removed all damage types from the vanilla projectiles
- Fixed several non-existing armor and damage types
- Fixed an issue regarding some of our damage types not working
- Fixed all entities in which damage was set to 0     
- Fixed BuildReqGroundBaseLevel for various space units
- Removed Wave_Asteroid_Void from the main menu map
- Fixed FogOfWar grid size error in the main menu
- Replaced non-existing units Goauld_Hero_Anubis_GC, Alliance_Assault_Frigate
- Removed several Corruption_X_Success_Unlock_Unit_Type rewards
- Fixed some incorrect Targeting_Priority_Sets
- Fixed some projectiles not having a XML category mask assigned to it
- Removed a ton of non-existing entities, way too numerous to list them here
- Fixed more stuff that we don't want to spend more time on writing down than on fixing it

- Fixed incorrect naming for various Combat_Bonus_Ability used by upgrade objects
- Removed US_Cloaking_Generator_L1_Upgrade and US_Cloaking_Generator_L2_Upgrade from the game
- Fixed invalid values for the US_Magnetically_Sealed_Armor_*_Upgrade, US_Reinforced_Structure_*_Upgrade, and RS_Reinforced_Armor_*_Upgrade upgrade objects

- We have reworked our faction code (order, files, number of factions, maps, ...)
- If placed in different files, Steam and retail versions of the game read the factions from units pre-placed on a map in a different order
- It is important that the ORDER of the factions does not change, otherwise faction attribution in the map editor will break
- Adding more factions as this will result in multiplayer crashes with too many players; we had to delete some factions to fix everything
- This fixes major Issue #0002150 (7+ player crash) and major Issue #0002191 (Tactical missions in PP broken in Steam)
- The Genii are now named "Pirates" in the code (The game didn't like the pirates removed)
- Removed some left-over references to no longer existing factions

- Added a tag for all five levels of the Tau'ri starbase to activate the loop idle animation
- Fixed an error that prevented the Supply_Dock_Income_Bonus being applied to Goa'uld and Wraith starbases (Tauri was working fine)
- Fixed Aschen starbase radar ability not working
- Fixed incorrect shield armor type for the Tauri level 5 starbase
- Fixed an error caused by none of our starbases having a damage value

- Moved all hardpoints into separate files
- Deleted some non-existing hardpoints
- Removed non-existing HP_E_EMITDAMAGE
- Fixed some hardpoint errors
- Fixed last remaining hardpoint errors caused by fake HPs
- Fixed all HP entities regarding damage decal and damage particle bone
- Removed Model_To_Attach entries from hardpoints that should not have them
- Deleted invalid HARD_POINT_GOAULD_STAFF from GameConstants    
- Created Hardpoint_None for unit variants that should not have hardpoints

- Replaced non-existing armor type "Armor_Capital" with "Armor_Normal" for several satellites
- Removed invalid Targeting_Priority_Sets for various satellite hardpoints
- Deleted various un-used satellite hardpoints from the 1.3

- Fixed incorrect attachment bone for HP_Aschen_Corvette_Shield

- Fixed incorrect affiliation of the Asuran_Laser_Satellite

- Fixed invalid value in Fire_Cone_Width for Kolya

- Renamed duplicate entry Proj_Goauld_Station_Laser_Artillery
- Removed un-needed LURE behavior from the Anubis Glider
- Removed non-existing target bone from the Old Hatak
- Fixed invalid value in Fire_Cone_Width for Baal

- Fixed spelling error in one of the Ori ship's behaviors

- Fixed incorrect death clone of the Repli Hatak (Issue #0002236)

- After all these years the HB-302 can now finally fire its anti-fighter missiles
- Fixed incorrect fire bone A named MuzzleA_06 for hard point HP_BELISKNER_FL_ICS

- Fixed missing fire bones error for Tobin_Mine

- Removed non-existing HP_WRAITH_F_WPH_00_PLACEHOLDER1 from several Wraith units
- Removed non-existing HP_WRAITH_BATTLECRUISER_HANGAR_KAMIKAZE from Wraith Battlecruiser
- Fixed invalid value in Wraith_Hero_General_PP_Reflective_Hull
- Fixed spelling error for the armor type of Wraith_Replicator_Fighter_SK
- Fixed an issue with the PP Commando Wraith
- Added Base_Position 'Orbital' to the Wraith_Hangar

Pegasus Prelude:
- Fixed a major issue in AFG which could cause the fleet to choose the wrong target planet after the original target was captured. This should heavily impact PP during late- and midgame and keep the Wraith threat high!
- Fixed an issue with the Taranis attack fleet might arriving too late
- Fixed wrong event (Hippaforalkus) being fired as emergency trigger for the final mission
- The Asurans-turn-hostile event should now work properly
- Updated Arcturus event so it can also trigger if the player re-conquers Doranda if he had lost the planet before
- Updated Atlantis mission map that had units placed with wrong faction attribution
- Re-wrote the Upgrade-Moros-Dreadnought event. Moros will no longer automatically despawn - only when you construct the upgrade
- Removed StoryModeService and put conquer victory check in a separate function that only becomes active once the Wraith Homeworld has been conquered (a lot better on resources!)
- Enabled automatic GC victory in case of a script hiccup
- Fixed incorrect order of texts if the player conquered Gonta early on
- Lowered the build cost for Ancient drone and fighter units to make up for their research cost
- Fixed Gonta event chain triggering too early
- Project Arcturus will now be removed from the active log as soon as the player has paid for its research
- The player no longer gets any constant money flow (so no more money while the game is paused)
- Fixed Melia not being a major hero
- Fixed missing event PPM_Objective_Convoy_Ships_Survived_5_AI_NOTIFICATION in event PPM_Objective_Convoy_Must_Survive_Complete
- Fixed an issue where Ancient starbase would always spawn with level 1 in battle regardless of the actual GC level
- Adjusted the max speed for some Wraith and Ancient ships (Issue #0002262)
- Specifically locked the Odin for the AI in the helper plot files (Issue #0002264)
- Added a message for the start log telling the player he can open the log at any time to get more information about the current mission (Issue 0002271)
- Added wraith_Defense_Satellite_ANTIFIGHTER_SS back to PP because it works now
- Removed the (unused) Rebel AI from PP

Dakara [Wave Mode]:
- Replicators will no longer attack before the space station has been conquered
- Increased the reload time for the Goa'uld flash satellite
- Fixed an issue which caused player units to attack their own station once its attribution had shifted
- Increased the difficulty (more Repli ships!) (Issue #0002235)

- Removed reference to non-existing file HW_Blue1.lua
- Added None.lua dummy to remove object scripts from variants
- Removed non-existing lua script from the Tauri starbase
- Removed even more non-existing scripts
- Fixed a syntax error in the HW Huge script
- Fixed ObjectScript_Remove_Starbase_PP trying to use nil value
- Removed several unused buildings from our scripts whose existence cause script errors
- Removed non-existing pirate units from PGCommands.lua

AI Changes:
- Deleted cantina from AI plans
- Restructured some of the basic base build plans
- Moved starbases in the GOF further up to avoid a bug where the Rebel AI has trouble building starbases most of the time
- Stopped Empire AI from saving money for an imaginary Death Star
- Added new hint sets, telling the AI on which planets shipyards can be built
- Some small changes to the AI's perceptions
- Updated AI_Combat_Power for Goauld space units
- Added new tech behavior for BasicRebel and AI_Player_Underworld, all factions should be able to fully tech now
- Completed capital shipyard hints
- Fixed several errors caused by the min volume for a sound being bigger than the max value
- Replaced the following non-existing sounds with existing, fitting ones: Unit_Goauld_Ship_Laser_Fire, Unit_Heavy_Turbo_Laser_Fire, Unit_Rebel_Ship_Superlaser_Fire, Unit_Goauld_Ship_Laser_1_Fire, Unit_Heavy_Turbo_Laser_Fire, Weapon_Drone2_Ancient, Weapon_Middle_Missel_Tauri, Weapon_Heavy_Missel_Tauri
- Removed countless non-existing vanilla sound references
- Added missing SFXEventsEngines.xml to SFX events files (this fixes quite a lot of issues)
- Removed all R/U/E-HD sound effects
- Fixed localize flag for Unit_Dart_Kamikaze_Attack
- Removed some more non-existing sounds
- Added missing SFX_Weapon_Hit.xml to SFX event files
- Changed Envelope_Hit_Medium.wav to a mono sound so it can actually be heard
- Removed empty SFXEvent_Attack_Hardpoint and SFXEvent_Hardpoint_Destroyed
- Fixed all SFX events using Explosion_Med1.wav incorrectly labeled as localized sample
- Added SFXEventsDeaths.xml to the mod which re-adds vanilla building explosion sounds
- Added some missing speech sounds for Apophis
- Created non-existing Unit_Torpedo_Fire fire sound (Weapon_Torpedo_Fire)
- Replaced non-existing Weapon_Railgun_Tauri with Weapon_Railgun_Tauri_Small
- Fixed an error with Data\Audio\Engine\Hive.wav not found
- Fixed labeling errors for SFX speech events Zelenka, SG1, Atlantis and Super Hatak
- Fixed several sounds, heroes mostly, especially a lot of engine sounds (Sol, Odin, Korellev, Hunter, ...)
- Fixed incorrectly labeled Goauld Pyramid select sounds

Level Design
The Might of the Asgard:
- The upgrade satellites are now available again

Dakara [Wave Mode]:
- Moved the planet Dakara further in the background

- General text improvements
- Updated the description text for Dakara Wave Mode
- Updated several text strings

Patch 1.9.7



This patch adds a new wave mode map for skirmish in which you can fight the Replicators over Dakara.
Furthermore it includes some obligatory fixes (including a fix for missing Asgard props on the Othala skirmish map) and balancing updates, especially for the fighter heroes.
It also fixes some issues in the Pegasus Prelude campaign, such as the Empire level 5 space station and a too passive AI

- Added the Replicator Beliskner
- Added the Replicator Hatak  

- Various minor icon updates

- Fixed Asgard support station missing on the Othala space map  
- Fixed an issue with a marker refering to an non-existing model
- Deleted duplicate Othala skydome
- Deleted AlamoEngine.fxh and BumpColorize.fxh because there was no difference to the vanilla file
- Added Grass.fxo, Meshshadowvolume.fxo, and Rskinheat.fxo from Petro's patch so non-Steam users benefit from the updates as well
- Various updates, fixes and improvements

- Fixed Herak incorrect armor type
- Slightly increased health of Osiris
- Changed Goauld_Hero_Anubis_Space to Home_One
- Reduced PopCap of Baal

- Fixed select box scale of the Ori ship

- Added the Replicator Beliskner
- Added the Replicator Hatak    

- Fixed an issue with SG-1 not being buildable
- Increased recharge time of Mitchells lucky shot
- Fixed an issue with a duplicate entry for Weapon_Heavy_Missile_Tauri
- Slightly decreased X-303 damage
- Fixed Odin using an outdated hyperspace script

- Increased power of the Wraith Hunter's stun ability
- Increased damage of the Wraith Hunter
- Increased health of the Commando Wraith
- The Wraith scout is no longer visible on enemy radar

Pegasus Prelude GC:
- Attempt to make the AI more agressive
- Fixed an issue which could cause the Ancients to flee mid-misison in the Orakis mission
- Fixed Wraith level 5 space station incorrectly being replaced by an Imperial station in the campaign
- Fixed asteroid mission being marked as lost in the log even if it has been won
- Fixed Hives deploying Kami Darts out of playbale map area as apparent in some tactical missions

- Added Get_Game_Mode() checks to all scripts where they were missing to prevent them from triggering when not needed

- Added Deathglider engine sound and added it to all to Goa'uld fighters
- Added Goa'uld Alkesh engine sounds
- Fixed Herak not having speech sounds
- Added new small missile sound
- Added F302 engine sounds and added that sound to all Tau'ri fighters
- Fixed non working engine sound of the Wraith Scout

Level Design
- Added new Dakara Wave Mode map

- Fixed several spelling mistakes
- Minor adjustments

Patch 1.9.5



This patch adds several balancing changes to skirmish. Overall, the Tau'ri are now less overpowered.
Fighters and bombers have significantly decreased build costs and construction times making them much more viable.
Additonally, the game has been polished and many aspects, such as new build animations for all satellites, have been reworked.
Furthermore it contains the usual bug fixes to issues reported by our beloved community.

- Updated space turret build pad so it doesn't need custom shaders
- Replaced the existing Beliskner model in the Pegasus Prelude missions with  a new unique model of the Vanir Beliskner
- Updated the Goa'uld jamming satellite model
- Added new build animations for all skirmish satellites

- Added general satellite radar icon name for all satellites
- Added new icon for the Kamikaze Dart

- Fighter rebalance: Signifcantly changed the build costs and construction times for all fighters. Fighter and bomber rushes are a thing now if you have no Corvettes to counter!
- Removed chat, groups and unused buttons from MP lobby and redesigned layout to fit the background better
- Various code updates, fixes, and tweaks

- Adjusted tactical health of the Dreadnought and the Aurora class to prevent simultaneous hardpoint blow-up

- Changed HP string names of all Goa'uld heavy staff weapons turrets (space buildings only)
- Added shields to the Goa'uld Alkesh increasing its survivability
- The Alkesh will now shoot visible bombs
- Slightly increased the shield strength of the System Flagship
- Increased the damage of the Super Hatak
- Increased the shield strength of Anubis and slightly increased his damage and HP health of shield, engines and his special weapon

- Increased the build time of Mitchell and SG-1
- Increased the production cost of the Tau'ri X-303 and the BC-304 in multiplayer
- Set Base_Income_Value from 350 to 35 and Income_Additive_Value from 250 to 25 of Tau'ri skirmish starbase lvl 2
- Fixed incorrect Targeting_Max_Attack_Distance of the Korolev and the Daedalus

- Traveler Frigates now have less shields and hull points and do slightly less damage
- Fixed incorrect good/bad against description for the Traveler Frigate

- Fixed non-working autoheal ability of the Wraith PP Queen
- Fixed German speech sounds of the Queen in English version
- Removed the negative side effects of Todd's (and the Queen's) power to weapons ability and changed the icon accordingly
- Disabled autofire for the Wraith Scout's beacon ability
- Increased health of the Hive's forward hardpoints
- Slightly increased health of the Wraith Cruiser's frontal HP

Pegasus Prelude:
- Adjusted difficulty of the PP W Orakis mission
- Added new info text that triggers if the player doesn't conquer the Asteroid Field after a certain amount of time

- Adjusted encyclopedia class strings for satellites to better clarify their role
- Updated various texts to fit gameplay changes
- Fixed several spelling mistakes
- Minor adjustments

Patch 1.9.4



This patch greatly improves the Pegasus Prelude GC.
The Wraith campaign has been massively reworked, various bugs have been fixed and the balancing is much fairer now for default and easy difficulties for both factions.
While many game-breaking bugs have been fixed this patch does not fix the general instability of the GC. Save often!       
    - Upgrade icon for charging Goauld planetary staff cannon in space skirmish updated
    - Fixed an icorrect GUI bracket size of the Dreadnought

    - Added/removed hyperspace capabilities of some fighter units were it was necessary
    - Removed 'Spotted' SFX from faction files
    - Fixed an issue with the Dreadnought version of Moros not having any speech sounds
    - Melia will now die 'properly' - no more hero head icon after death
    - Delphi and Pride of Troy are no longer major heroes (they don't respawn after death)
    - Changed tech level of the Ancient_Space_Building_Sensor_SS from 4 to 3    
    - Increased damage of the GTSW from 2000 to 6500 and changed the construction costs to 3500

    - Increased damage of the GTSW and changed the construction costs to 3500

    - Removed the pop cap of the Kamikaze Dart
    - Removed hyperspace capability of the Exp. Dart
    - Added price reduction ability to the PP Queen
    - Increased damage of the GTSW to 300 per projectile and changed the construction costs to 3500
    PP GC (Ancients):
    - Fixed an issue which would cause convoy mission transports being stuck at the exit point
    - Slightly increased performance of the script at various locations
    - Fixed an issue which would cause the Tau'ri starbase to spawn if only Asuran units were on the map
    - Added the Fortress for the Asurans
    - Decreased the chance for the Arcturus mission still being active even after the Aurora tech already became available
    - Increased the time for the player to construct the Arcturus device before the mission times out
    - Increased the chance for the Asurans being friendly towards the player for a longer time making it more lucrative to invest in their research
    PP GC (Wraith):
    - Added debug events for the Wraith story line
    - Removed the AI lock for the Vanir planet which caused the planet to have a red glow. The AI will not move there and the Vanir are allied to the Ancients anyway.
    - Significantly changed the story script for the Wraith. There is now one single attack function for all attackers
    - The Gonta revenge fleet list will now try to spawn at Dagan
    - Tried to make the story mode service code more efficient
    - The Asurans now spawn a lvl 5 starbase
    - The Arcanus attack fleet and the Gonta attack fleet will now both try to spawn on Taranis to make it less likely that the fleet will arrive after the resp. mission has been accomplished
    - Removed some Ancient starting forces on lower difficulties
    - Fixed non-working price bonus for the Hive on Arcanus
    - Significantly decreased the difficulty on lower difficulties. Especially the attacks at the beginning are much weaker now
    - As soon as the Dreanought event starts some of them will be spawned on Taranis
    - Fixed a potential crash in the Moros upgrade event (Sleep was set _after_ TestValid())
    - The Dreadnoughts produced on Taranis will now properly attack the player
    - Fixed Delphi not being registered as dead in the Gonta event making it unable to win
    - Added additional fail possibility for the Gonta event in case the City Ship retreated during battle
    - This also prevents the possibility of an incorrect text of the Ancients evacuating the settlement when they take the planet back even if Delphi wasn't present
    - Also fixed an issue which would cause the Delphi-successfully-defeated event to trigger even after the planet was lost and the mission failed
    - Increased the chance of Asuran or Dreadnought attacks compared to regular Ancient and Vanir attacks if either of them are active
    - Added 'final hints' text strings to the story dialog so it would finally show up and not just show an empty log
    - Fixed an issue with the finale text not being displayed due to duplicate event names
    - The Athos/Orakis final missions will no longer time out after they have been played
    - When the final mission is won, the player fleet will no longer retreat
    - Orakis Mission:
    -- Reduced the difficulty for this mission on Easy and Medium settings (Wave strength and number of defense satellites)
    -- The Wave spawn entry point is now a bit further away from the area that needs to be secured
    -- Added missing objective to secure the landing zone if they player killed the under construction ships before the timer was up
    -- Reduced the speed of spawned capital wave ships
    -- The wave ships will now properly move toward the landing zone
    -- The mission is now marked as 'won' in the log after it has been completed successfully
    - Atlantis Mission:
    -- The transport ships will now properly move towards the descent zone
    -- Fixed hero death events not working (Find_First_Object() requires capitalized input strings!)
    -- Added a function to track the status (spawned, dead) of each hero that triggers player victory
    -- Fixed an issue which could cause a hero not to spawn as tranport escort
    -- Revealed spawn area of Melia and the first transport
    -- The mission will now be lost when all Wraith ships have been defeated
    Various text and spelling improvements, especially for the English translation

Patch 1.9.3



    Some fixes for the Ancient campaign   
    PP GC:
    - If Asuras is given to the Asurans as a result of the nanite development this will no longer count negative to the planet count of the hold ground event (Ancient campaign)
    - Removed non-functional tech level dummies which became accidentaly builadble for the Ancients in patch 1.9.2  

    PP Wraith:
    - Asteroid Field Mission: General improvements, Added intro camera sequence
    - disabled debug objects
Level Design
    - Asteroid Field Mission: Improved map lighting and background

Patch 1.9.2



    Various PP balancing improvements   

    - Added deconstruction for Deconstruction_Ancient_Space_Building_Sensor_SS_PP
    - Heavily increased the survivability of heavy fighters and bombers
    - Updated the tech levels for all ships and stations
    - Moros (Dreadnought version) shield strength increased by 10 percent
    - Added Puddlejumper engine sound
    - Added new Helia speech sound to Cruiser and Frigate
    - Changed shield and hull points of the cityships
    - Pride of Troy model should appear now
    - Added Wraith Dart engine sound to (heavy) Dart and Bomber and the Exp. Dart
    - The Wraith Queen and Todd no longer prevent auto-resolving battles
    - Added new fire sound for the Kamikaze Dart ability of the Battlecruiser
    - Increased the stength of the Wraith Queen by 30% (more health + more damage)
    PP GC:
    - The Ancient sensor sat is no longer buildable for the Wraith
    - Increased the info screen time for all events
    - Increased trigger delay for certain events to decrease the chance of multiple events triggering at once
    - Updated planet descriptions: Irrelevant (land related) planetary advantages are no longer displayed
    - You can no longer get access to the Aurora research before Project Arcturus was offered   

    - Added Wraith Dart and Puddlejumper engine sound
    - Added new speach sounds for Helia

Patch 1.9.1



    Fixed a CTD on the gas nebula map.
Level Design
- Added missing Map_GC_Space_Metreongas_Nebula.ted

Patch 1.9.0



Welcome to the open beta! This is the base version.

For now the open beta contains the content of the stable public release plus the nearly complete version of Pegasus Prelude for everyone to test. This version is “feature ready” meaning that everything gameplay related is implemented. Also we fixed all the game breaking bugs found by our closed beta testers. However please note that the version of Pegasus Prelude in the open beta is of course still work in progress and that other bugs are still present including the following:

-          The GC is prone to crashes. Save often!

-          The Tau'ri tactical dashboard, GC space station and some other Tau'ri specific logos are still visible.

The target of this open beta test is especially to know if the balancing of the GC is alright and if we missed some bugs. Therefore we would like to encourage everyone willing to share bug reports, his opinion and ideas about the open beta and the current Pegasus Prelude version in our new open beta forums.

While talking about sharing... All members of our community are free to share images and videos of the open beta in all places of the world wide web! The only thing we would like to ask for is to be always clear that you're sharing content of a beta version of our mod.