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Galaxy map rotation bug help

  • Darth Maldred
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26 Jun 2021 12:15 #90139 von Darth Maldred
Galaxy map rotation bug help wurde erstellt von Darth Maldred
I create my own galaxy map, working as background. It is a deco map for my mod with named galaxy sectors(not accurate to canon(old canon) galaxy map). Its work fine, but after land or space battle, map always rotates clockwise on 90 degrees only once. It is a very strange bug, and I went through all the options to fix this issue:
I been blocks all rotate axis
I been export sector map as separate asset with no animation.
I been try to change pivot direction .
I been try to assign another animation to object to fight fire with fire.
Also I been try to import galaxy map from the AotR mod to see how his own map works, but editor refuses to import most important part of model, because wrong shader(Because like EaW Remake, AotR uses another DX shader version). Nothing works!
Please help me and sorry me if my english is bad.

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