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Editing Beam Weapons

16 Mai 2020 01:00 #89983 von blackstar
Editing Beam Weapons wurde erstellt von blackstar
Hi guys, I am working on a mod where a number of the ships use beam weapons, similar to those I have seen in TPC. However, I would like to make the diameter of the beams wider, but I can't import the ALO into 3ds (or the ALO viewer for that matter), the scale factor mentioned in the projectile definition does nothing, and editing the texture does not change the beam size, merely the colours as you might expect. I have been playing with the Ori superlaser from SGEAW 1.3, as an example. Can anyone tell me how this can be done, or have the 3ds of a beam weapon alo I could use as a baseline?

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16 Mai 2020 15:53 #89986 von Locutus
Locutus antwortete auf Editing Beam Weapons
Particles, despite their ending being *.alo, need to be edited with the particle editor.
This is also where you can change the scale, as code-scaling sadly doesn't work with particles.

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16 Mai 2020 20:34 #89987 von blackstar
blackstar antwortete auf Editing Beam Weapons
Awesome, exactly what I needed. Thanks

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