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Stargate Open Asset Library

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11 Jul 2016 17:03 - 31 Mai 2017 17:34 #81203 von Imperial
Stargate Open Asset Library wurde erstellt von Imperial
Hey there,

Quite often modders ask us for permission for our models.
So I decided to offer a location for downlaods together with clear statements about the origin of these files, for better crediting.
This here started with Stargate Modding Group Assets and the Bridge Commander Ships pack, my friend Ace_Fighter from the Stargate Invasion Team also offered some additional files (going to be uploaded soon) and I will keep collecting more free models and feeding this library here.
Also I intend to include our Atlantis model and the nice Ancient Fighters and the new Puddlejumper by Duke auf Dune soon, so please make sure to check this website post once in a while.


Version 1.1 = Added Ancient Starbase + Ancient Fortess and Martin Lylloyd's Ship.

Currently many The Pegasus Chronicles files (like the Wraith Models by Wolf) are off limits, so I tied up a package with the most important models of the original Stargate-EAW 1.3 Version.

All Models there were exported into .obj, .fbx and .3ds

I also included our ancient models made by DukeAufDune.
Once we release more GCs and Content this package might grow.
If you wish to use some of these Assets you need to give credits.


Credits for the EAW 1.3 Units:
The majority of Credits goes to Dave975 and DKealt, the SGMG (Star Gate Modding Group) and a bunch of other guys below. The files were reexported and packaged by Imperial.

Most Ships inside of Stargate - EAW 1.3 are from the 3rd Stargate Bridge Commander Ship Pack on FileFront. The Packages are not longer online on FileFont, currently there is a backup site:




Im very thankful to Dave975 who allowed other modders to use his Stargate Ship Packs for their mods. The original Stargate-EAW is built upon his packages. So I share some of my upload capacity to backup his 3rd Package:


If you happen to have Bridge Commander Package 3 is the most recent one and it contains all files you need, installing package 1 and 2 would only break the functionallity of Package 3 which contains all units.

Many models in my package originate not only from the Star Gate Modding Group, but further from the Stargate Bridge Commander Ship Packs.

The SGMG (former Members) modified many of these Models and merged all splitted textures into a single file (some models had more then 20 texture chunks). Further the coresponding UV maps of these models were adjusted to one single texture as well. Some models received additional improvements.

The creator of the original 3 Stargate Bridge Commander Ship Packs on FileFront is:
Dave975 = Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! (Probably not active)

Most models of the original Bridge Commander Ship Packs were done by Dave975 and DKealt(Texturing), here is a list of their Units:

- Goauld Starbase
- Anubis Super Hatak A
- Anubis Super Hatak B
- Apophis (System) Hatak
- Old/Early Hatak
- New/Refit Hatak
- Pyramid Ship
- Teltak
- Alkesh & Kassa Transporter
- Needle Threader
- Osiris' Ship

- BC-304
- X-303
- X-301
- F-302

- O'Neill Class
- Daniel Jackson Class
- Beliskner

- Satellite
- Old Warship
- Old Cruiser
- Asuran Gate Satellite
- Old Puddle Jumper

- Ori Warship
- Ori Figher

- Wraith Hive
- Wraith Cruiser
- Dart

- Replicator Frigate/Vessel
- Replicator Cruiser

- Supergate
- Grace Mothership
- Martin Lloyd's Ship
- Hebridian Drone
- Horizon Rocket
- Toban/Tobin Mine

Other Credits from their Packages:

- Wraith Dart Model = by Mikala
- The original model and textures of the Stargates was made by WadeV1589, although improvements were done by Dave975.

- Death Glider = modeled and textured by DaAan, ScottPKeene
- X301 = Modeled by DaAan. Anyone wishing to use Death Glider or X301 should contact DaAan for permissions in future.

Anyone wanting to use these ships for other mods may do so, just give credit.

Here you can see the changes made between the 3 packages
Bridge Commander Stargate Pack (V1.0) Readme
Warnung: Spoiler! [ Zum Anzeigen klicken ]

Bridge Commander Stargate Pack (V2.0) Readme

Warnung: Spoiler! [ Zum Anzeigen klicken ]

Bridge Commander Stargate Pack (V3.0) Readme
Warnung: Spoiler! [ Zum Anzeigen klicken ]

Now I did not included all of the files above into my Model Package, but the ones included were exported into .obj, .3ds and .fbx.
There are most bigger ships, I left all fighters out. If you need one of them just tell me and I will add them and update my package.

I removed their shield meshes back when I exported them for Dalo Lorn, but I can reinclude them and upload if required.

Later, when I got more time I am going to include the Fighters and all other Stargate - EAW 1.3 Models and update this Package.

The Following Files in the package seem to be SGMG assets from the old 1.3:

- Ancient Corvette
- Asgard Satellite

- Replicator Space Station
- Replicator Battle Ship
- Replicator Corvette
- Replicator Scout
- Midway Station

- Wraith Starbase (Based on Dave 975's Hive)
- Wraith Research Facility

All Credits for the awesome new Ancient Units go to DukeAufDune

- Battle Drone
- Puddle Jumper
- Heavy Figher
- Heavy Bomber
- Light Transporter

- Corvette
- Frigate
- Heavy Transporter
- Destroyer
- Cruiser
- Warship
- Dreadnought

Our Ancient Starbase and the Ancient Fortess, which is a variant of that Starbase has its towers based on the Stargate Atlantis model by the user SGA-3. It used to be on scifimeshes.com before it got hacked.
My friend Leie Sistal helped me develloping the concept for the Starbase, I brought the Ancient Starbase to its current look and retextured the texture.

I think the texture originates as well from SGA-3 and was combined into a file by Duke auf Dune, finally I edited it and added some new Starbase areas.
So all together if you use the line of Ancient Starbases (has 6 levels) or Fortess (4 levels) please credit SGA-3 and Duke auf Dune, additionally you may credit me (Imperial) if you like.
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