Adding more Factions to Starwars EAW/FOC

08 Okt 2018 06:43 - 08 Okt 2018 06:49 #89183 von Imperial
We recently wondered what <Create_Player_in_Multiplayer_Games> exactly does and conducted some research regarding this tag and a few more.

This is what Baal found out:

Player = a populated slot in the match setup
Multiplayer = seems to mean all kinds of skirmish, even in offline singleplayer, since I get the same effect when I play a singleplayer match.

- The playable main factions need to have <Create_Player_In_Multiplayer_Games> set to no, as these are included in the game through the actual human (or AI) players. If this tag is set to yes for playable factions your Game will crash in multiplayer sessions of 9 or less players.

- For AI factions that are not represented in the match setup screen, but still need to be part of the game, such as hostile for example, a dummy player has to be created, which is done by <Create_Player_In_Multiplayer_Games>.

- Setting <Is_Playable> to true prevents any hostile AI units from spawning on the skirmish maps! So please make sure its set to false for unplayable AI factions.

- To sum up, just do the variable twist like the vanilla game:
In the vanilla faction files, the playable factions always have <Create_Player_In_Multiplayer_Games> set to No in combination with <Is_Playable> set to true

while if <Create_Player_In_Multiplayer_Games> is Yes <Is_Playable> is supposed to be false

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