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I like how you didn’t bother to argue the fact that Franklin is still catatonic.

Kampfkeks schrieb: rush, a coward, cause he didn't want to commence suicide... oh exatly i had a fitting comparison: You're stranded on an island full of cannibals. One of your fellow unfortunates is the only one able to understand the cannibal's language... to save the majority of the stranded people he has to give the cannibals one of your buddies (but unfortunately you don't now, that by this he saves the rest of you. or at least let's say he just claims that this is the case. your lack of communicational abilities is really a pity...)
why would it be recommended to kill this person? or just let me paraphrase the question. how would you survive after killing the only one able to talk to the cannibals?

The point wasn’t that Rush should have sat in the chair, it’s that he insist that OTHERS sit in it. I mentioned Young not stopping Rush from sitting in it because Young knows full well Rush would’ve never sat in it. The sacrifice for “the greater good” argument only works if you can promise results, Rush could not do that. To go along with your analogy, if your translator friend sacrifices you to the cannibals, would you honestly trust him that he is telling the truth?
(Kudos to you for already admitting that you could not have known if your translator friend was telling the truth)

Kampfkeks schrieb: and yes of course he told Young that the person on the chair mustn't necessarily die. rush is the only one to think logically and he's the only one who is able to think that far ahead... he knows that the chances to survive are rather slim but he also knows, that if he tells Young the truth his experiment won't be approved.

I mostly agree with you on this, in fact it’s been proven on the show when Rush predicted the loss of power output on the Destiny the first time it went to recharge its batteries. I don’t even know why you brought this up. However if you want me to argue with you on this, I will. Rush does see the big picture but he does not see the point. If Rush is working on a way to get people home, then he has to TRY to save as many people as he can until then. Otherwise, it’s going to be just him stepping through the gate (which even the I.O.A. doesn’t believe that he cares about coming back to Earth).

Kampfkeks schrieb: and he's not throwing bodies at the problem, his argumentation was pretty logical: most of ancient machinery can be controlled by their chairs, so the possibility to get full access to the ship's systems is rather big.
putting others at risk being aware of it is not an act of cowardice, c'est la vie!

To quote Rush, “Destiny predates that technology”. How aware of the risk do you think anyone could have been? Every child will always put their hand on a stove or in the fire that first time before they learn; ignoring the safety of others for personal gain is an act of a coward.

Kampfkeks schrieb: and how come you didn't consider that falsifying the data of the icarustype planet was just a try to encourage the crew? why can't you even consider rush as a moral raiser if you are so omniscient to state his cowardice as a fact?!

Do not ever judge a politician from what they say in public unless you want to be lied to. Here’s the first conversation he had without Young (who ultimately decides everything); Rivers: “One year and we’re outta here?” Rush: “But first we have to do what is necessary.” Greer: “Then get to it” Rush: “I will, but we’ll need your… support, shall we say.” Rush didn’t even bring up the fact that he could have boosted moral until AFTER his lie was found out.

Kampfkeks schrieb: i'm not idolizing anyone and i'm well aware, that rush is the gaius baltar of SGU but no one can even imagine what his reasons of acting are so i would really appreciate it if you stopped stating his cowardice as a fact cause his actions can always be seen from 2 opposite views and none of them can really be proved...

You’re right. Now let me throw some truth back at you, if you would please actually read that I have thus far written, I have only stated my OPINION supported with facts. My opinion is that rush works covering his own lies, not to help other people. Your opinion was that “he pursues his own good”.

Kampfkeks schrieb: and just to mention it: if greer would have listened to eli and shot rush they would already be dead because eli was so smart that he recognized the system to activate the air conditioning as a selfdestruct... or at least as something that could blow everyone up, can't really remember....

Your original argument was that rush was a perfect example of how a REAL PERSON would react. Mine was that a real person like that would have been killed by an angry mob. To continue your analogy from earlier; if you were part of a group that was forced onto “an island full of cannibals”, wouldn’t someone have killed the person responsible for forcing you there in the first place?

Let me end this discussion with a simple yes or no question; would you sit in the chair?

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can't answer cause i've gotta go for if i don't i'll be late for the english exam of my a-lavels^^
but it's not yet over i'll write again asap^^

Ich hab einen sitzen und hab einen stehn
und ich bin nichtmal Schizophren

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good luck on your exam

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