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Dear fellow Modders and @all Users!

I'm so pleased to present you a new gear I wrote for Star Wars - EAW and FOC. :D
It's Name is Imperialware and it's a Cheating Tool, Modmanager, Unit Creator and Universal Launcher.

And here is the Download of the first Version:!PFsVQSiI!d9jL1WtthS7wfiOsjnE-aIrraXz7ikjjOx-oj53eeGA

Warnung: Spoiler! [ Zum Anzeigen klicken ]

It is a multifunction tool, a Mod Manager that is built to launch any mod for EAW and FOC.
It's the first application to support mod mods, in order to allow little changes to mods, without breaking their usual functionality.

The probably most interesting feature for you guys is the CHEATING tab, which allows the User to simply spawn any unit of the chosen mod, modifying them and creating new units without the requirement of knowing anything about xml.

-/ Historical Information:
I just needed a UI that enables me to use my Lua scripts for cheat spawning units, and I thought it would be cool to have a better universal Launcher, as most Launchers are pretty poor in terms of design.

By the time I added more and more functions, and finally it turned into a Modmanager project of bigger size.
I also kept promising a Cheating tool to the users in our Stargate forums for some years now, and promises must be kept, right?

Thus, I learned C# programming, wrote these 17.600 lines of (compressed) code, designed a iOS style User interface and I tinkered around to get this C# - Lua - Xml hybrid running.

In the development I focused especially on matters of UI Design and costumizability. The User can change UI color and the Background image of the Launch tab.

Since Imperialware allows the automatic installation and launching of the original Star Gate - Empire at War for the old 1.3 version and supports its Mod mod Addons, as well as any other mod, I need to clarify that this program is NO official SGMG release.

The Star Gate Modding Group decided to not further support the old 1.3 in order to concentrate all assets on finishing
The Pegasus Chronicles and thus I do not release Imperialware in my function as SGMG member.

The main reason for writing this application was because I am going to use it for Launching the Andromeda mod I am going to start in the future. Beside of that, as I needed to have a look at C# anyway in order to be able to use Visual Studio, I thought it will be a good practice for me to keep the learned stuff in my head.

However, Imperialware is an open source project so anyone is allowed to include Imperialware to the download of his Mod and to modify or further distribute it at will. In this case I'd be thankful to see myself credited in your documentation but this is not required.


-/ How to use:
Enough of useless historical information now, lets see what fun stuff you are able to do with Imperialware,
I prepared over 2 Hours of presentation video material in 5 tutorials for you:

And tutorial in text form:
Warnung: Spoiler! [ Zum Anzeigen klicken ]

- Tested and verified to work on Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10
Can anyone confirm whether it works on Windows XP please?
Also, I'm appreciating any feedback.

The Launching feature unfortunately is not ready now and won't work for Steam users,
But cheating and all other Functions indeed work. You just have to verify at the very beginning your Gamepath in "Settings\Game Path: FOC"
Usually it is supposed to be this Steampath:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War\corruption

I am going to update this first post with each new release version of Imperialware, so you might want to check this thread once in a while. To update to a new version just put the downloads of new Imperialware versions together with their into the same directory and start the .exe, it will automatically update then.

As Imperialware is not fully done yet, there is a list of major features I still intend to add:

- Launch support for Steam (Then Imperialware will also be uploaded to Moddb)
- 2 Last Size Expanders in the "Manage" tab: Hardpoints (for automatic Hardpoint creation) and Particles,
embedded in a balancing environment.

- The Edit XML tab is not finished , thus I recommend to use the UI in the Manage tab instead for unit creation, as that UI is more advanced.

- The Unit Creator is currently only working for the creation of Squadrons, Corvettes, Frigates and Capital ships which concludes the space part of EAW. However, I am going to extend that to all classes for ground mode and Buildings in order to cover all classes, as land classes are not functional yet.

- In the video the 3 Bubble buttons can be dragged around on the screen, I disabled that feature because it caused crashes.
As soon I am able to stabilize that issue I'll reactivate this feature.

- A + Button to create own templates of new Mods and Addons.
- AI Defibrilator Function: Another dummy that spawns at Galactic layer and allows resurrecting or creating any Enemy AI and the ability to program a fleet of enemy ships.
Then a random amount of Ships of Random Classes will keep attacking you and push you to the very limits of every galactic conflict.

- (Optional) Planet Creator/Editor; Yes, it will auto generate a nice cluster of Planets which are dragg and drop able to influence their position. You would also influence their appearance, size and whether the ground of them is accessible or not.

- Localization: I will add a translation for the German language, then if any user likes to help me to translate button texts I could extend to more languages.

- Apps Library information support for some more mods.

You like the concept of Imperialware and would like to help?

This is how you could help me through the developing process:
- Art: You can find photo shop templates for buttons in .\Imperialware\Themes\Default (the Theme with all buttons).
If you are able to work with 2D applications you could use these files as template to create your own Imperialware themes.
Then please contact me here in the forums or using my Moddb account: Imperiai (last letter is an i because
accountname with L was not free) or on youtube, in order to apply your themes.
If they are nice I will include them to the next release of Imperialware (together with credits in the Info button area)

- Code: I uploaded the sourcecode to Github, as Imperialware is an open project (see license in "settings/Info button") But as I have no experience with Visual Studio's Presentation Forms I made Imperialware for the normal Forms, which certainly will be a drawback (also I coded it in my very own style).
I already apologize now for the mess, Imperialware is my first bigger program so please don't judge too hard. I am aware I will need to use far more classes for later builds.

- Support: Any beta test data or feedback is always welcome to me.
- Translation: Later I will be translating the whole UI, then I would need help to translate the stuff into other languages.

You like how the program works?
Imperialware is nice but Anakin_Sklavenwalker, a friend of mine is going to build a similar universal tool.
But for his project he aims even higher than me: Rebuilding some areas of the EAW game engine in order to integrate a new alo viewer into his Unit Creator program:

It will take him a few years until accomplishes that, if you are a Modder you could use Imperialware meanwhile for your daily modding.

As User, you would have Imperialware to do something against your frustration once one of your very best unique units was killed and you want to cheat it back, or also to enable you defeating overpowered AIs.
Or if you feel the desire to make this one ship build able to your faction you saw battling at enemy side
(Now achievable within 4 clicks.)

Finally, I'd like to thank my Imperialware Beta Testers,

-/ From Moddb:

-/ From the Stargate EAW Forums
And some more I might forget.

- Thanks @SGMG Team for sharing Hyperspace Particles :h_salute:
- And of course to all the folks at for countless helpful entries that eased my life a lot.
- Thanks to everyone who uploads nice source images to websites like which are allowed to be used for such projects.
- You for reading all of my text :thumbsup:

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