How to help us track down bugs, crashes, and sync errors

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How to help us track down bugs, crashes, and sync errors

Hello you,

TPC is not free of errors (duh). There is a chance that the game crashes, simply doesn't work as expected or desyncs in multiplayer.
In many cases, a detailed description helps us track down the issue: shout out to all the people who made us aware of all the broken stuff:P ..No, seriously, we greatly appreciate every time we get a detailed error report and always try our best to fix the problem.

Sometimes though, there are issues which we have trouble tracking down, or circumstances which a very difficult to recreate.
The guys from Petroglyph (the developers of Empire at War) were very kind and made a special debug exe of the game available to modders. This version of the game is a lot slower than the default version but it logs a lot of valuable information in the background.

If you are reading this, most likely you have been sent here by someone from the team, hoping you will help us track down a specific issue. Thanks that you made it here!

Now, if you are interested in providing some logs that help us fix stuff please read on.

As a chat platform to easily talk to us please visit our Discord .

Requirements for testing:
In order to download the test version owning the game on Steam in mandatory.
The debug exe runs significantly slower than the regular game. Keep that in mind while playing. We recommend having the game installed on an SSD.

How to test:
The developers from LucasArts have released a debug version of the game's exe.
This version generates a log file while playing which saves all errors you encounter while you play. This file is very helpful for us!

You can download the debug exe here .
1) Go to ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War and copy the corruption folder into it. When being asked if you want to merge folders select "yes".
2) Start the mods using the batch (bat) files:
- DEBUG_TPC_Stable.bat or DEBUG_TPC_Beta.bat for testing skirmish or GC.
- DEBUG_TPC_Beta_For_Multiplayer_Sync.bat if you try to catch synchronization errors. All players involved in the test need to run this file. Only use this for MP testing as this version will slow you down even more in Singleplayer.

IMPORTANT: You have to start Steam BEFORE clicking the shortcut or the game will crash!

Please note that the launcher can NOT start the test version. Please use the batch files as described above.

Final notes:
After you are done playing with the debug exe please send us _LogFile_TPC.txt and AILog.txt (if it exists) located under ...\steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War\corruption.
In case of multiplayer-sync-testing also include _randlog_TPC.txt from every player involved.
Be aware that the files are overwritten every-time you restart the exe so make sure to save all logs into a different folder before you run the game again.
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