Credits while Paused

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I noticed that during the GC if the game is paused, you continue to collect credits. Currently, a Wraith fleet is attacking my Ancient fleet situated at the Sun. I have not clicked "begin" or "auto-resolve" instead, I'm able to just leave it while I continue to collect credits.
Theoretically, I could leave it for a couple hours and come back to a huge amount of credits. The Day cycle, my ships and upgrades are all paused, so I can't build anything new. But this seems like an easy cheat to become super rich.

Edit: I can even hit the "fast forward" button to speed up the amount of credits earned.

Edit #2 I decided to attach some pictures to highlight this trick. I put a giant red circle, in case I wasn't clear.

I'm going to leave it for a couple hours and gather up a bunch of credits so I can make it further through the GC to test other things and report further bugs. Admins, should I make a bug mega-thread, or keep posting individual threads?

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This is not really a bug. The credit earnings are to show if the GC script still runs. It will be removed once we move Pegasus Prelude out of the beta phase.
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I'll close this topic for better overview.

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