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23 Jun 2018 18:01 - 23 Jun 2018 18:18 #88783 von Boriss
Yeah, but it is never explicitly mentioned that there are no salvageable pieces there.
Apophis (implicitly mentioned) never got to make another one of them but those plans were never said to go up with the experimental prototype. So, either Anubis found the plans and just seeks to salvage all he can from the prototype before he makes one himself or he found another site where Apophis re-tried to prototype that ship but never finished it because of the pressure from tok´ra, tau´ri and other systemlords.

Or, as you said, another ship. Expedition to get an ancient data repository and then use that to create his Anubis Ha´tak. After all, it was only said that Anubis used his ancient knowledge (plus possibly information he stole from Thor during his imprisonment). So we can play it like Anubis found ancient Jumper that he salvaged and managed to replicate its shield technology. But, since hes Anubis, he couldnt make them small enough to be carried by gliders, they got enlarged to suit Ha´tak.

By the way, when you said that in my suggested story the wraith have no moral dilema because of the hunger. They do. Cos the asgard cloning tech could save them from starving out. Imagine that they get something like feeding chamber, like those vats where they kept their humans to feed on them. Instead of keeping harvested humans, they could grow their own. Or it could be more like just a wall of biomass that was tailored specifically to have maximum feeding potential. While most wraith just see the threat, Tedd might be clever enough to see the benefit. So, playing as wraith here, you will have the choice of either helping Tedd working with Tau´ri or helping some made up queen plasma the hell out of everybody. Tau´ri dilema to go with your orders and just blow up all wraith in the area (resulting most likely in an involuntary voyage back home ancients style) or ignore orders and try to help yer ol mate Tedd. These choices might then affect how for example Anubis as the third faction behaves or maybe attract folks that were neutral until now (nuke nuke boyz, those folks that wanted C4 so much and that Rodney helped develop nuclear warheads, or maybe someone brand new).
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24 Jun 2018 06:58 #88785 von Imperial
I actually enjoy such dielemmas a lot in tv shows/Games

It's just to much work to implement real consequences to the player decisions into our mod, sorry I have more important things to do than that.
Also I'd prefere to not lean towards fanfic and "what culd be", but rather stick to the show plots and just fill some gaps in it with own ideas.

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24 Jun 2018 11:03 - 25 Jun 2018 12:50 #88788 von Boriss
I don´t think anyone is expecting the SG TPC team to start working on this story driven campaign straight away. I certainly am not. Yet this mod does bring something to the long stagnating stargate universe. I´m half expecting this post to just rot here forever to be honest. But you never know man, maybe a long time from here now on someone will pick this story up and make something out of it.
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