Galactic Conquest and Anubis Questions

17 Mär 2016 07:08 #78542 von revan225
Hey, I recently found this mod and I have become addicted, as it is insanely fun! I am eagerly looking forward to a Galactic Conquest release as that is how I prefer to play, and I had a few questions about that.

First, when GC is first released, will it be space only, or will there be land combat as well? Secondly, are there going to be a lot of GC selections? As for my final question, in the show Anubis has the ability to destroy planets, is this a feature that is going to be kept for the GC release? If so, that would be amazingly awesome.

I've been looking for a game/mod just like this for years; I just started playing the current version of this mod a few days ago, and have found myself playing it quite a lot with much enjoyment (especially playing as the Goa'uld). Once Galactic Conquest is released, I don't think I will be able to pull myself away from the computer, lol.

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17 Mär 2016 07:39 #78543 von Imperial
Welcome Revan225.

The fist GCs will be space only, and later as we proceed to finish the ground GCs we will release Ground GCs as well.

For the fist release you will have some selections, later the amount will increase and as soon we give green light for modmods there might even be more of them.

Because of your 3rd question, im not sure but sorry. I think Anubis wont be able to destroy entire planets. But planets will blow up once in a while within the story ^^

Thank you very much for reporting your amazement about our mod. This has a very motivating effect on us to keep up our work. Users like you are the reason why we comtiniue our hard job here ^^
The next final release will definitely be alot cooler then the old 1.3 version.

To keep the fun going in the manwhile I'd recommend the modmods "Statgate Darkjump" and Spinobreakers Reality Mod.

Additionally the Stargate Space Conflict mod for Homeworld (if you happen to have the newer version of that game) dramatically increased their quality and they already released a demo version.


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17 Mär 2016 14:02 #78544 von Jack Hunter
Regarding Anubis: No he will not be able to destroy planets, this isn't Star Wars, even if in some GC's certain planets you know from the show like Orilla or Vorash will be exploded by a story script. Nevertheless, Anubis' super weapon isn't able to destroy planets, the Ancient Stargate weapon as well. Apart from that Anubis didn't destroy Abydos, he just devastated the surface and killed every inhabitant, same with Dakara which was just bombarded by an Ori ship, but not destroyed.

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17 Mär 2016 19:57 #78546 von revan225
Thank you both for taking the time to answer my questions clearing that up for me. I look forward to the first Galactic Conquest release, can't wait!

More specifically, thank you Imperial for the recommendations, and thank you Jack for reminding me about that part in the show with Anubis. Haven't seen it in years, and only remembered that everyone on the planet died, just assumed he blew it up. xD

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