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13 Sep 2015 19:41 #74815 von SorrowfulEmpire
I downloaded the mod a few days ago, and have been loving it. I'm a huge Stargate fan, as well as a fan of strategy and RTS, so this mod is like the best thing ever for me.
I'm not sure if this is an existing issue from EAW, or something new, but you have to click several times on asteroids to get the option to set up a mine. and that only if the game recognizes the fighters being near the asteroid.

Also, the Goa'uld seem under-powered. This might be intentional, but it is near impossible to win if the Wraith and the Tauri are both on a map.
Other than that, I haven't had any issues, and I'm loving this.
onto the questions :)

I thought this was dead at first, since it looks like this is the first post on the English forums since 2014, but I saw recent posts on the other forum. So: Is this mod dead? and if not: Will we get an update soon?
I saw that you were having issues with the ground part of the game, and just wanted to say that I'd be perfectly happy with just space, and maybe a simple workaround to remove ground entirely.
Of course, that doesn't matter if you are continuing to work on ground battles.

So: Thanks for this incredible mod, and thanks again if you answer any of my questions :Db

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13 Sep 2015 19:57 #74816 von Leie_Sistal
Hello :) Sorrow ful Empire ^^
Thanks for this great message :D.
We are not dead, rest assured ^^. We have just slow progress because it takes us a lot of time ^^.
If you want to see new more clearly I would advise you to follow us on facebook (we have a page) or on Moddb (a great Website full of awesome mods, telling you if you do not know it)
The space mine are supposed to be buildable only if you captured it before this is why you need fighters near it.
If you have any more question feel free to ask :D

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13 Sep 2015 20:19 #74817 von Imperial
Yeah, indeed the mod is alive and the GC Maps will come.

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13 Sep 2015 20:41 #74819 von Jack Hunter
What do you mean with update? Do you use the launcher? And what is the last version you use? We already released a new patch (1.3) in August with a completely new new map, new buildings and units and a bunch of bug fixing. Not to forgot the amazing new Supergate dialing animation.^^

The news you can found on the starting page. Don't worry, we're still working hard on the ground part and the GC's. But this needs time with all the buildings, units, maps and story events.^^

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