Tau'ri ships and their strength

18 Jun 2014 03:31 #65914 von Col. Reynolds
I feel like the Tau'ri not having an artillery ship really unbalances the game. The Wraith Manta artillery and the Goa'uld's artillery Ha'tak are fantastic at destroying ships and space stations from far away, but the Tau'ri don't have a comparable ship. Furthermore, the Goa'uld and Wraith both get 2 new ships when the upgrade to a level 3 space station (the wraith receive the Manta artillery and the Destroyer/Goa'uld get New Ha'tak and artillery Ha'tak,) whereas the Tau'ri only get the Daniel Jackson. Since creating an entire new Tau'ri ship isn't plausible, I suggest we bring back the Mark II BC-304's with the asgard beam weapons. In the show they never built 304's without them, once the weapons became available. Thoughts?

Not much faith in Plan A?

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18 Jun 2014 06:36 #65916 von Imperial
Well the Tauri have lots of sleek heroes who can get beyound enemy lines and easily destroy opponent space artilleries.
Yeah I think the ballancing as it is now, will probably have a reason and it is lot of work to reballance something because this requires incredibly much time to test for the results.

All official devs are very busy and wont have any time, and wont desire to reballance stuff, I guess.

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18 Jun 2014 14:50 #65941 von Jack Hunter
If you want an artillery ship for Tau'ri and some more new units and other changes, then I recommend you the Ragnarok mod from our former modeller Wolf. But unfortunately the mod just work correctly with the version 1.1 and not with 1.2.


Here is also the link to the topic. It is just German, but there you can see pictures (the mod is of course also English).

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19 Jun 2014 01:30 #65987 von McKay
Well i agree, the tauri are at an slight disadvantage with not having an artillery ship. But they also have the fastest ships and can often outmaneuver the enemy to get behind enemy lines.
I think It´s more difficult but in the hand of a skilled player the tauri are the strongest faction.

I remember when we had testmatches and some of the other used the oddyssey to cloak and get behind my lines, decloak destroy stuff with the ship and cloak again. It was infuriating! Real hit and run tactics :D

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