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Asuran Niam Bug (Space)

13 Mai 2021 12:19 - 13 Mai 2021 12:21 #90113 von 23-down
Asuran Niam Bug (Space) wurde erstellt von 23-down
Hey guys. Congrats on releasing the Asurans as 4th playable race. I always thought that the race limit was hardcoded. Glad to see that I was wrong or that you managed to find a way around.

Anyway yesterday I discovered a huge game breaking bug regarding the Niam Frigate. I don't know why but one of the weapon hit points on his frigate just froze, thus turning him invincible. But see for yourselves.


It was the middle left "Medium Laser Battery" that no longer took any damage.
Letzte Änderung: 13 Mai 2021 12:21 von 23-down.

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13 Mai 2021 12:24 #90114 von SuperPlayer
Thank you for the report. This is already known and will be fixed in the next release.

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13 Mai 2021 12:30 #90115 von 23-down
Very good. I'm glad. I will see whether I can come up with a firing sound for the Stargate Satellite. More of that in the specific sub forum later on. Good day to you. :)

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