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The general bugs of the universe.

30 Sep 2018 22:18 #89120 von Boriss
Ya better read dis, mon. Or gravity not gonna help ya.

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30 Sep 2018 22:30 #89121 von Boriss
Due to its longly shape it appears very aerodynamic, in this way it's very maneuverabele.

-Okey, spot the wrong thing. No air in the space, dudes. If you wanna make a ship shape, you ask about its moment of inertia ( de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tr%C3%A4gheitsmoment ). Big, loooong ships are nice to look at but are next to impossible to turn around without breaking them in half. To turn them around you need a pair of side engines on the rear and the front so the axis of rotation goes through the center of the ship. You put side engines on the rear alone, ship breaks in half if you try to turn around too fast. Arrowhead shape and round shapes (Acclamator or star destroyer from star wars are good examples of where you can actually get away with having side engines only on the rear, side engines mean engines that when engaged start turning your ship.) are better for that stuff. If you want to play with your models in any big way (especially the low tech races), keep this in mind. Inertial dampening shields mentioned in SG work on the inside of a ship, working them on the outside of a ship with this kind of tricks is gonna kill your ZPM in one crazy turnaround. Put some side engines on the front and the rear of a ship and use them in sync to turn your ship and it conserves energy while allowing you to turn around faster and with less drifting. And it will be a cool little detail to be proud about when presenting the mod anywhere.

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02 Okt 2018 04:49 #89127 von Imperial
Hey Boriss,

I have no clue what this thread is about, but I agree about the realilsm aspects you mention.
We just copy the thruster settings from the series, not our fault XD

But I will concider that for the Ship-model-designs of my own, thank you

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02 Okt 2018 09:48 - 02 Okt 2018 09:48 #89129 von Boriss
Here I can share tips and tricks for you if you want to make your own models a bit more realistic. Should also help with texts and descriptions. It is in the bug sections as I will be mostly commenting on texts that make little sense.
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