having problem with the final 1.3

29 Mai 2013 02:23 #58357 von hunter111
i downloaded the 1.3 final version
and while following the instructions. copyed the "game data" folder into the "empire at war" main folder
and overwrite the original game data folder.

when i started several weird things happend to me.

first. in the main menu the background music was "no one gets left behind" soundtrack
from the movie "black hawk down"
second things when i started a skirmish land battle
as the tauri i first of all noticed that there is no background music at all.
and when i press on an infantry unit they dont say one of those frazes.
that soldiers usualy saying.

after this i had trained the SG-1 team
and when it done i hear han solo saing "the malunium falcon is at your service"

and when i finaly brought him in and i press one of them. then well they did had individual frazes for each of them but it wasent even in english...

is there a chance that the "final 1.3" is incomplete?

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29 Mai 2013 12:57 #58359 von AC-Suchti
You shall not overwrite the original files. Now, you should reinstall EaW. The mod files are supposed to be in the "mods" folder (e.g. E:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Mods\Stargate ). Then you have to start the mod with the .bat file.

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29 Mai 2013 16:11 #58372 von Locutus
When the speech sounds of the soldiers are in German instead of English you most-likely installed the wrong version.
You need the Stargate EaW - Final 1.3 (Complete version) .
Check the FAQ on how to install it correctly.
But the 1.3 is far from perfect, it actually could a bug as well.
Please note that we do not develop the 1.3 actively anymore as we spent all our resources on Pegasus Chronicles.

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