The Wraith are a humanoid species which emerged thousands of years ago after human DNA and that of the Iratus-Bug merged together. In order to survive they need to feed upon animate beings – mostly humans – sucking out their life force. All over the Pegasus Galaxy they control planets which are inhabited by humans and are being used as feeding grounds. They are able to manipulate the minds of others and can cause hallucinations. Their technology is mostly organic but they also use some technical components. The Wraith are divided into many factions each controlled by it's own queen. However one of them managed to forge an alliance with some of the factions and declared herself Supreme Queen, claiming all feeding grounds for herself. She will destroy all those who stand in her way.

Space Units

Scout - Dart - Claw Fighter - Wasp Bomber - Hornet Bomber - Shadow Fighter - Shuttle - Heavy Transport - Tyrant Corvette - Harbinger Cruiser - Accerum Destroyer - Manta Artillery Ship - Iratus Battlecruiser - Hive Ship

Space Buildings

Space Station - Asteroid Mining Facility - Light Plasma Satellite - Heavy Plasma Satellite - Repair Satellite - Space Hangar - Large Shipyard

Space Heroes

Supreme Queen - Commando - Hunter - Steve - Michael - Warlord - General - Todd