The Aschen are a very advanced race whose technology is even more advanced than the Goa'uld one. They possess a strong space fleet and coexist with other peoples in a confederation. Their homeworld is dominated by huge, modern buildings. They also have a bio weapon, which can be adjusted to the specific DNA of their enemies. In addition, they are able to terraform uninhabited planets. Compared to newly discovered peoples, the Aschen are friendly and offer technological, military and medical support to their future allies, while they sterilise the entire population by means of a vaccine. If the population has been reduced to a minimum and resistance has been stifled, the planet will be transformed into an agrarian world and the rest of the people are made slaves. Subsequently, automated machines are used to harvest the cultivated agricultural products.

The Aschen are one of the many non-playable races in TPC and acting as a pirate faction. Besides their homeworld P4C-970 they occupy some other planets in the Milkyway Galaxy too. They can also be part of a campaign in some of the GC's.


Space Units

Aschen Battledrone - Aschen Fighter - Aschen Corvette - Aschen Cruiser - Aschen Battleship


Space Buildings

Aschen Asteroid Base