The Asurans are Replicators in human form from the Pegasus Galaxy. They were created by the Ancients made of individual nanite cells and should serve as a weapon against the Wraith. As they emulated their creators, they even founded a colony on a distant planet, which they called Asuras, and built a great city on the ocean, modeled on the architecture of the Ancients. At the beginning everything went as expected and the Asurans fought successfully against the Wraith, but they became increasingly aggressive, whereby the Ancients ones decided to destroy them. However, some survived the genocide, replicated in large numbers and rebuilt their world. When the Asurans learned about the existence of Atlantis after 10,000 years, and they were re-entered into the conflict with the Wraith by activating a code, they began to build a vast fleet of warships to annihilate the Wraith, the Tau'ri and every human nation in the galaxy.

The Asurans are one of the many non-playable races in TPC and acting as a pirate faction. Besides their homeworld Asuras they occupy some other planets in the Pegasus Galaxy too. They can also be part of a campaign in some of the GC's.


Space Units

Asuran Battledrone - Asuran Heavy Fighter - Asuran Jumper - Asuran Heavy Bomber - Asuran Corvette - Asuran Frigate - Asuran Destroyer - Asuran Cruiser - Asuran Warship - Asuran Cityship -