The Goa'uld are parasites with a snake-like appearance. They posses human bodies and declare themselves gods. Every important planet will be conquered by them, the natives will be enslaved to serve as workers in mines or as soldiers in their armies. The most powerful of all Goa'uld is called Anubis. He is the Supreme System Lord and partially an ascendent being due to the fact that the Ancients rejected him and partially sent him back. He gained an extensive knowledge of the technology of the ancients though his 1000-year-long exile. With this knowledge he was able to enhance and create new technology, ships and soldiers for the Goa'uld. Anubis has a vast space fleet and legions of Jaffa at his disposal. Even some of the other System Lords are serving him now. Like all Goa'uld he strives for power and his ultimate aim is the conquest of the galaxy.

Space Units

Needle Threader - Death Glider - Anubis Glider - Tel'tak - Al'kesh - Transport - Pyramid Ship - Old Ha'tak - New Ha'tak - Anubis Ha'tak - Artillery Ha'tak - Experimental Ha'tak - System Flagship - Super Ha'tak

Space Buildings

Space Station - Asteroid Mining Facility - Small Staff Weapon Satellite - Large Staff Weapon Satellite - Jamming Satellite

Space Heroes

Anubis - Herak - Aris Boch - Tanith - Osiris - Ba'al - Apophis