Humans from Earth are known as Tau'ri throughout the Milky Way. The Tau'ri are allies of the Asgard which are an extremely advanced race from the Ida Galaxy. The Asgard support the Tau'ri with their space ships in their struggle against both Goa'uld and Wraith. The Stargate Center is a secret base of the US Air Force from which the Tau'ri are launching their expeditions to other planets. During these missions the Tau'ri are trying to trade with other species or liberate them from their false gods. Even though their technology might seem primitive and their space fleet tiny compared to those of the Wraith, Goa'uld or other races, they make up for this with an unrivaled inventiveness and are able to find helpful allies in the depths of the universe as well as new technologies to fight their enemies.

Space Units

X-301 - F-302 - B-302 - HB-302 - Dropship - X-303 - BC-304 - Daniel Jackson Class Asgard Ship - Beliskner Class Asgard Ship - O'Neill Class Asgard Ship

Space Buildings

Space Station - Asteroid Mining Facility - Railgun Satellite - Missile Satellite - Shield Satellite

Space Heroes

SG-1 - Selmak - Cameron Mitchell - Prometheus - Odyssey - Daedalus - Thor