Hello community,

open beta patch 2.5.1 was released just now and addresses many of issues found by the community in the Alliance of the Systemlords campaign!


- Fixed bone orientation Goauld_Land_Unit_Hover_Tank.ALO
- Fixed non-manifold geometry on Tauri_Projectile_Drone.ALO

The Alliance of the System Lords:
- Fixed SG-1 respawn bug causing story events to break
- Fixed SG-1 only partially respawning (Resolves #0003318)
- Fixed Selmak respawn bug causing story events to break (Resolves #0003322)
- Fixed Selmak Reinforcements carrying over to GC (resolves #3327)
- Fixed Tauri mine not being buildable and adjusted tech level for all mines (Resolves #0003320)
- Fixed an infinite amount of SG-teams being able to gate travel
- Fixed Goauld Guard Tower radar icon size being way too big
- Fixed Syslord Tauri finale cutscene freeze (issue #3323)
- Fixed Syslord variants of Guard Tower and Shield generator not showing up at their marker positions
- Prevent Tokra Commando attacking while stealth active
- Tauri: Increase time between Kull attacks after the first three
- Tauri Hassara Mission: Reduce detection range and don't attack Selmak with Osiris
- Tauri Hassara: Make detection range dependent on difficulty
- Tauri: Made the ending of the Chulak easier on easier difficulties (Resolves #0003325)
- Anubis: Tagrea mission is now easier on easy difficulty
- Anubis: Spawn Osiris when truce starts
- Added several tweaks and fixes to the Systemlords AI player

- Added new main menu map
- Fixed lag/freeze on the Ancient vs Wraith main menu map
- Fixed Alpha Base ground preview image broken
- Fixed prop passability on east end of Dakara map
- Anubis HW: Slightly moveed markers to reduce overlap in map preview

- Some important text corrections and additions

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback so far! Fell free to join our Discord in order to let us know what you think about the latest changes.


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