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In Pegasus Prelude you fought the Lantean War siding with either Ancients or Wraith, deciding the fate of the Pegasus Galaxy. Jumping forward 10.000 years to the present, today marks the release of our second story-based galactic conquest: The Alliance of the System Lords! The new campaign depicts the rise of Anubis, the fall of the System Lords and the beginning of the Jaffa rebellion. Will you save Earth from its impending doom or help the darkest of Goa’uld rise to power? This time, the battle will not just be decided in space but on ground as well!

Both campaigns tell the story of SG-1’s battle against the Goa’uld.
As Tau’ri, you will start exploring the galaxy, make contact with new peoples and develop new technologies in the process, to hopefully prevent Earth from falling into the hands of the Goa’uld. When playing as Anubis, you have establish a base of power by building up your fleet and defeating rivalling System Lords and subjugating their armies to finally face Earth and its allies.

The galactic conquest encompasses 30 planets all known from the series, each one accompanied with a custom-made space and ground map. Nearly each planet comes with unique, handmade props, many with exclusive abilities and new dashboards, and some with special build options. Large shipyards required for your capital ships can only be built on certain planets, for example, making these planets a key for victory.

Many galactic and tactical events are waiting for you in the campaign. Be it space or ground, you will have to show more than once your talent in scouting, fighting, boarding, or other special operation missions. Help the Tokra obtain critical information from the System Lords, plant the seed of rebellion in the heart of the Goa’uld army, or help Anubis create the ultimate super-soldier.

The new galactic conquest “The Alliance of the Systems Lords” is ONLY available in the beta branch of our mod. Be aware that there might be crashes and bugs. If you encounter any kind of issues please make sure to report them in our Discord channel. All kind of general feedback is greatly appreciated as well!

The full changelogs can be found on our changelog page:

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