Hello community,

we don't have a new release for this Christmas to gift but we want to use the opportunity to give you a new status update about current mod progress and our future release plans.

Pretty much exactly two years ago we released ground skirmish to beta and so far we are very happy with the progress we've made. It runs remarkably stable even in multiplayer and it's current gameplay is already in a much better state than our first space skirmish release 9 years (!) ago. We are currently working on the last finishing touches and plan to move ground skirmish to stable next.
The Asurans space faction, which also have been in beta for a while now, should make the jump to stable in the same breath as we are quite satisfied with general balance and gameplay.
There is also a special ground skirmish mode being developed (no, not wave mode) which we plan to release together with or shortly after the next update.

We are aware that most of you are looking forward to next Galactic Conquest (GC) release.
As we have teased on several occasions the upcoming GC revolves around the System Lords. It will feature story events, tactical missions, and is somewhat comparable to Pegasus Prelude content-wise - or maybe a bit larger given that ground combat will be a part of it. Simultaneously we keep working on the "big one" - that one GC that will feature a bit less story but way more planets - galaxies even - and a lot of stuff to discover/conquer.
We can't give any estimates on when we will be ready but we hope the time gap between the two GC releases isn't too big. Of course, more GCs are being worked on, with different sizes and locations, but we can't really give any ETA on those.

Lastly, some screenshots because any news is better if it has images included;)

One of our very first "indoor" maps

Some weird cube

Asurans preparing for war

Planets and stuff

Some Goa'uld I could swear I've seen before

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone!


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