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we conclude our ground spotlight series with today's Wraith vehicle focused news.

The idea of the vehicles originates from the concept that Wraith vessels are grown instead of built introduced in the Stargate Atlantis episode The Seed.
A Wraith pathogen (picture below) once planted into a host is able to grow into whatever appearance required.

We toyed around with that idea and came to the belive that the pathogen might decide their final appearance based on outside requirements. The Wraith hive ships e.g. are a direct response to the threat of warships of the Aurora class.
Having that idea in mind we concluded that if the Wraith would be required to engage themselves in prolonged groud combat they would probably field a range of specialized vehicles to respond to a variety of threats.


The Seeker is a Scout Bike and is mainly used for searching for enemies on a planet's surface. Its shape is similar to the cockpit of the Darts. Since it is able to glide, the Seeker is capable of moving very qickly on any terrain. Due to its scouting purpose, it is only armed with 2 Light Plasma Cannons. The Seeker is extremely agile and is piloted by a Wraith soldier.


The Mantis is a six-legged Walker with a versatile cockpit. It is designed as a light vehicle to defend against infantry and air units. It is equipped with 2 strong upward Plasma Guns on the two claws and a Light Plasma Cannon mounted at the cockpit. The organic structure allows it a short recovery from damage. Also the Mantis is able to fire an acid jet on enemy infantry temporally.


Harvesters are used for gathering and vehicle defense. By their long legs and the insectoid shape these huge walkers appear very threatening. They're moving very slowly however they are capable of collecting any biological life form nearby through their transport beam. Despite that the Harvester is also able of dispatching soldiers for ground support via the transport beam. Heavy Plasma Canons mounted on the hull provide additional fire power. However Harvesters are unable to repel aerial attacks.




Stay tuned for more awesome ground stuff!


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