Hello dear community,

we again have to thank everyone involved in the testing of patch 2.1.1! We're getting closer and closer to a stable release of Pegasus Prelude with each patch! :)
Today we're happy to release patch 2.1.2 which includes:

- The galactic background has gone missing with the last patch...we added those again!
- We added a clarification to the text of the Wraith ambush mission that not all enemy ships needs to be destroyed
- There was a "Missing" in the headline of the objective window when the Ancients recapture Taranis
- The description of Pegasus Prelude now clearly states that you need to select Tau'ri in order to play as Ancients
- The Arthos Satellite destruction objective is now no longer an issue when you're owning Arthos already
- Added text to Gonta mission that suggests taking out the Delphi engines. Also prevented AI retreat for the first 120 seconds of the battle.

The full changelog can be found here (soon):

The Pegasus Prelude Balancing survey is still going! Please keep sharing your feedback with us. :)

Wird geladen...

We're more than happy to answer all your questions about our project! Feel free to get in touch via our forums, social media, discord or by putting more to the "Is there anything else you want to let us know? :)" section of the survey! :)


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