Hello dear community,

today we have a very important launcher update for you as we noticed that due to an error in the code Steam users won't get any automatic updates for the launcher.
Therefore we would advice all Steam users to download the latest version manually from here: http://ow.ly/WHZy30j0RoE
Future versions will be downloaded automatically as planned after that!

To make thinks even easier we included the launcher in the Steam installation.
Stable: \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\32470\1126880602
Open beta: \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\32470\1145741406

Besides that we also added a debug window which we want to use in the future to make support easier for everyone.
Every user is now able to share the basis information about his system within a few clicks.
SGMG team members can activate more debug tools in one to one sessions in case of more complex issue.


Full changelog below:

- Fixed errors when using launcher while steam is not installed on system
- Fixed bad launch argument swfoc for steam users
- Replaced bad code practice Thread.Sleep() with custom delay on mod startup
- Added a debug window for easier resolve of user issues
- Added More debug info for mod and launcher
- Added minimalistic debug functionalities
- Moved launcher updates to ProgramData path
- Fixed steam users not able to download launcher updates


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