Hello dear Community,

Today we will continue in the previously mentioned streak of news regarding the ground part of the mod. In the last news, we were talking about Tau'ri so for today, the news will be centered around our most favorite serpents. So prepare to bow before your god, Anubis is here. 

We are glad to inform you that the Goa´uld faction, or rather Anubis, is probably the most complete one we currently have. Apart from few missing hero models, most of the ground units are modeled and textured, and many are even animated too. There are many details yet to be taken care of and the game-play balance is something that is still ahead of us but will cross that bridge. 

In past, you had an opportunity to see some of those units so for today, let's just take a look at our trio of helm wearing Jaffa – the Anubis Guard, the Horus Guard and the Serpent Guard. You could have seen those helmets in one of our previous news so now, let's see them in full glory. 

Jaffa Trio min

Follow the servants of your rightful god Anubis into battle! 

Please keep in mind that this a early preview of the ground part. The final visuals will differ. 

Building-wise, Anubis has 15 ground structures at his disposal. Nearly all of them are being finished right now. As with the previous faction, this set of buildings also comes with idle animations, as well as build animations for skirmish. 
When it comes to the building animations, we were inspired by the Jaffa helmets and their folding/unfolding plate technology. You certainly remember how cool it was when Ra and his guards revealed themselves to our heroes for the first time or how cool it looked when Teal'C infiltrated Ra's vault in past. This technology was so cool, that we made our build animations for all Goa'uld structures in a similar way. They basically “unfold” and retract from ground. We hope that you find this a nice feature. 
Just like in the previous news, we decided to share some pictures of two selected buildings and a special video presentation. 
Here you see the Goa'uld Hangar and the Goa'uld ground-to-space weapon. 

Hangar1 min 
Hangar2 min 
Hangar3 min

GTSW1 min

GTSW2 min

GTSW3 min

As special video we want to show you an internal presentation video of our talented modeler Martin Taichl who created nearly all of our Goa'uld buildings so far. The video will provide some insights on the modelling and animation work that is required for every single structure in the game. 

Along with this news we are also releasing a new Version of our launcher. It will be much easier now to choose between the different branches of our Mod (Stable and OpenBeta). If you are not sure which version to play, the launcher now has a window which can help you to decide which version to play. The new version also includes various bug fixes and improvements. 
You can download the launcher here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r83nbmbk66ucc8o/SGTPCLauncher.exe
If the auto-update of the launcher fails, simply use this download link. This is what the updated launcher looks like: 

At the end we would also like to thank Mike.NL for updating some of the modding tools we use frequently. He also published the source codes to github! https://github.com/GlyphXTools 

So for today, it would be all, but do not be sad, another news will follow in a matter of weeks. And what you can expect? 
Well let's just say that you can expect some guys you really should not shake a hand with… 



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