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Since our last news we have been working hard and we finally reached a milestone so we decided we will share it with you. A couple of our previous news dealt mainly with the Pegasus Prelude GC and the open beta. And even though we are still working on that area, this time the news will be about something else, our second main area of focus – the ground part.

As you know, currently you can enjoy the game only in the space battle mode with no ground part at all. We certainly plan to change that and prepare for you the entire ground part and finally we are one step closer to that goal. Since we made so much progress in that area, we have so much to share with you now. As a matter of fact there would be so much info, that we will split it into several news articles so you can expect other news in a matter of weeks dealing with other factions.
And what we prepared for you today? Today we will take a look at our beloved blue planet, meaning the Tau´ri faction.

We are glad to inform you that this faction has now completely finished set of every ground building and structure. All the buildings are made from scratch and there is nothing you have seen in our previous version of the mod. Granted, there is still so much work ahead of us when it comes to the unit part. As you probably understand, making units is much more difficult and time consuming, then making buildings. But we made some progress on that front as well. You can take a look at our newest member of the Tau´ri team – Sniper

Sniper min2 
But since the building part is done, let us share some of it with you. Currently the faction has 15 structures at its disposal. All buildings are made with some kind of idle animation so you do not have to stare at motionless structures. And of course, all the buildings that are buildable in skirmish have their own build animation. From those 15 buildings we decided to present to you 3 of them.

On those pictures you can see the Airfield and the Vehicle Factory. All those pictures are taken directly from the game without any sort of rendering or adjustment. What you see is what you get.
If you remember those buildings from our previous version of the mod, you will notice that the new models are completely different (and hopefully you enjoy them even better ;) ).

Airfield1 min

Airfield2 min

Airfield3 min

Factory1 min

Factory2 min

Factory3 min

Additionally we would like to present you a small preview of the ground part to present you the big Tau'ri mine.

This would wrap up the Tau´ri special but not the news itself.

But there is another topic we would liketo share. We want to thank you for the feedback we received regrading our last Pegasus Prelude patch and we're glad that most of the issues many of you were having are fixed now. Sadly, we haven't found the reason for the frequent crashes of the GC - but don't worry: we haven't given up just yet! If you haven't had the time to play the Pegasus Prelude GC give it a try and change your launcher's settings to "OpenBeta".

Alternatively, you can also watch some of the numerous Let's Play videos out there. At this point we'd like to voice a big thanks to all the YouTuber's out there who shared their experiences with the community, and keep it on! Today we want to present you two play-throughs specifically:

Firstly, Random Asian Productions' Let's Play of the of the Ancient campaign

and secondly, Corey, who this time tackled the Wraith story line

Hope you enjoy a little insight into our work. For now, that would be all we wanted to share with you. But stay tuned, other news will follow in a few weeks, this time dealing with a faction most known for their bright eyes.                                                                                                                     

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