Dear Community,

The entire SGMG team would like to welcome you to the year 2017!
We hope you had some great Christmas days and New Year’s Eve!

Before we're having a look on the progress this project had in 2016 and what lies beyond in 2017 we would like to again say "Thank you!" to everyone who is supporting us! Every comment, review, critic, bug report, shared video or images from you means the world to us!  While we might not be able to comment on all your posts or answer all your messages we ensure you that we read them. Please keep contributing to our project in your ways!

Having that said we would like to have a short overview about the things we archived in 2016.
As you know this project was started with the rough idea in mind to have Stargate strategy game in 2006 but thanks to you this idea was able to celebrate its 10th birthday in 2016!

Beside this already big achievement we also released some more bits of the ground part.

After a few quite month we held a closed beta test.
With the help of our internal testers we have been able to learn a lot on the flaws of our Pegasus Prelude GC which was still a secret at that point. Motivated to finally push this GC out we put everything possible into the finalization of this part of our project. Sadly we were not able to keep the first announced release date. As this first GC was a very important step for the project we decided to go for a public beta test to gather even more input from the community. Also we wanted to move the development of our project closer to our community again.
The launch of the public beta was very successful and we're amazed due to the amount of feedback we got from you till today.
To give you some numbers how successful:
We served around 108 Terabyte of data for the open beta alone since the launch.
In general 257,917 downloads have been requested related to our mod since September.

While the GC is still not as stable as we hoped it would be we already improved it quite a lot with several patches. Of course we will not stop there! One of our main goals for 2017 is to move Pegasus Prelude from "open beta" to a "stable status". However this has proven as being quite difficult to the many workarounds we needed to implement to make the ancients playable. After all the effort the team has been put into the release candidate we needed a few weeks to get our heads off from the topic. Once everyone has returned from this little "holidays" we will again sit down with all the feedback you gave us already to hunt down the issues of this GC. Stay tuned for more patches!

We also improved our launcher quite a lot and also the first pages of the wiki have been released.
Furthermore we once again started an effort to have the mod translated to various other languages. If you want to participate kindly follow this link:

Also we have been able to get into the Top 100 Mods on again...thanks to everyone who has voted for us in the Moty voting 2016!

So what about 2017?
We still can't pin down any dates or timelines but let's put it that way: While Pegasus Prelude was our key asset 2016 the ground part got more and more shape as well! One very important step has already been taken...
SG1 2017 min

Expect to learn more about it during the next few weeks and month!



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