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Hello dear community,

Based on your feedback we release the first real patch for the open beta today!

Appart from several bug fixes, like the not properly displayed Pride of Troy, we have begun to play around with the balancing of specific units. Also thanks to 23-down, who started to support us as a freelancer in the sound department, we were able to update quite a few units with a fresh set of sounds and voices. Please note that this patch does not deal with the stability issues of the GC. We are aware of this issue and working on it internally but as of now the root cause has not pinned down yet.

You can see the complete changelog below:

Code changes:
    - Added deconstruction for Deconstruction_Ancient_Space_Building_Sensor_SS_PP
    - Heavily increased the survivability of heavy fighters and bombers
    - Updated the tech levels for all ships and stations
    - Moros (Dreadnought version) shield strength increased by 10 percent
    - Added Puddlejumper engine sound
    - Added new Helia speech sound to Cruiser and Frigate
    - Changed shield and hull points of the cityships
    - Pride of Troy model should appear now
    - Added Wraith Dart engine sound to (heavy) Dart and Bomber and the Exp. Dart
    - The Wraith Queen and Todd no longer prevent auto-resolving battles
    - Added new fire sound for the Kamikaze Dart ability of the Battlecruiser
    - Increased the stength of the Wraith Queen by 30% (more health + more damage)
    PP GC:
    - The Ancient sensor sat is no longer buildable for the Wraith
    - Increased the info screen time for all events
    - Increased trigger delay for certain events to decrease the chance of multiple events triggering at once
    - Updated planet descriptions: Irrelevant (land related) planetary advantages are no longer displayed
    - You can no longer get access to the Aurora research before Project Arcturus was offered  

Sound changes:
    - Added Wraith Dart and Puddlejumper engine sound
    - Added new speach sounds for Helia

Also the launcher gets another update which enables it to wrap text in the changelog section to display it properly.

All of the above changes will be distributed via our launcher. In case of issues please grab the latest version here:

Thank you again for the feedback on the open beta and the launcher that reached us so far! To ensure that the entire StargateEaW team reads your input post it here:



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