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Hello dear community,

Does the following dialog sounds familiar to you?
"Hey I just found this cool mod Pegasus Chronicles which transforms Star Wars: Empire at War into a Stargate game."
"Sounds great! Can you show me some details?"
Don't worry we got you covered now!
Together with therelease of Pegasus Prelude we will unlock our new wiki for everyone.
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Our wiki will contain info about the different aspects of our project. For instance we got a description of the different game modes like skirmish and galactic conquest and the available maps.
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Also the wiki will provide an overview over the different factions including their units.
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Of course this new wiki will also contain details about the upcoming Pegasus Prelude as well.
You can learn about the features of the galactic conquest, the different planets & regions and the units of both factions.
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There will also be a description of the event chains. However please keep in mind that this GC provides the best gaming experience if the player doesn't know what to expect.
We suggest not to read about the contained events until you have completed the GC at least once or got stuck.
As you can see in the pictures not everything is translated just yet but we will keep improving on that till the release and beyond.
In general this wiki will grow over time. Especially when new content is released to Pegasus Chronicles.
We hope that the provided info in the new wiki will help you. Maybe you will find something you might not even know about yet...
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