Dear Community,
Welcome to the April News of 2012.
To be able to release before the estimated end of the world we are trying to finish the last things necessary, such as making the last models, fixing the last bugs and the final balancing together with our beta testers.

We cannot give you a more precise release date because a lot of the developers are writing exams these days which inevitably slows us down.
For now, we believe sometime between summer amd autumn are realistic release dates.

The focus of this month's news is units' special abilities: Some are completely new and others have new effects.
Here are some examples:

Shield Overload of the Beliskner class:
Shield Overload of the Beliskner class

The shields of the Beliskner class are depleted, to shortly thereafter generate a powerful circular flare, expanding outwards. Surrounding vessels are damaged depending on how strong the shields are when the ability is activated.

Wraith Corvette Flak Ability:

Wraith Corvette Flak AbilityWraith Corvette Flak Ability

The ship releases deadly anti-fighter flak fire in all directions.

Herak's Stun bomb:

Herak's Stun bomb

Herak's ship drops a bomb, stunning nearby hostile units with an electromagnetic pulse.

Please note that the Hatak you see here is not Herak. In skirmish, he commands a squadron of Anubis Gliders.

Again we got a little addition for you:
A Campaign Mod by Aslena for our Stargate EaW Version 1.3:

Wichtig: Diese Mod basiert auf Njkz's Mod für die 1.3
(bekommt ihr auch auf Moddb)
Campaign Mod by Aslena

When the above mentioned exams are done and we have more time there will be more information for you, and probably a new video.

So long for this time!

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