Hello dear community,

First of all we would like to apologise for the apparent lack of any news in February. We have been unable to post any news, partly because  of private issues such as work, but mostly because of the internal reorganisation of our development team.

This topic is going to be in the spotlight in this news post. Due to his limited amount of spare time, current project lead Klon has been forced to step down from his full time position and assume a supporting, consultant role. The same thing happened when Klon himself became the project lead of the team, after MerlinGalgotta did not have enough time himself.

After all the votes had been put forward, it was decided that Origin is the new project lead, and that the newly returned HuGuSSi is assuming the position as co-lead.

There are also some more newcomers; Lord Sokar joined our team as a new props artist, L8sP33D became a level designer, Baal went from a beta tester to a developer in 2D Art and Scripting and Severon joined us as a new 3D and Animation Artist.

Together we continue our work onwards to the next steps of completion of Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles: The ground part and the Galactic Conquests.

But fear not; we are still working on improving the space skirmish-only version. Currently we are working on some stability issues with the launcher, all the reported bugs and all the criticism we have received from you, the community. It's been very helpful, keep it up!

We are of course working on all aspects of the mod; particle effects, sound design, 2D and 3D art, balancing and coding, all to bring you a better experience. All of this will come together in the first 
official patch for the space skirmish-only version of Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles!

To keep you occupied until the next news post, we have some screenshots to show you. Down below you will find screenshots from maps included in the aforementioned patch, so feel free to take a look at them and try to figure out what planets actually represent!  In 
this thread over at our forums we will unveil more content as time progresses and in the end lift the veil of mystery completely.





With this we conclude the March news of 2013 in the hopes that most 
of your answers have been answered, and that you will have a happy and 
entertaining Easter!

Yours sincerely,

the Stargate Modding Group

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