Hello dear community,

It's finally time! Today we're releasing the first version of the ground skirmish to our open beta!


This is a huge step for our project and we sure did take our time to improve on the experience you had in the original mod for Empire at War. What content of the ground skirmish can you expect in the open beta? This first version of the ground skirmish contains 7 skirmish maps on which you can battle the AI or friends as Tau'ri, Goa'uld or Wraith. The first two factions are completely done while the Wraith still require some tweaking. But that’s what a Beta is for after all, isn’t it?

Here’s a list of the main features you can expect in the Ground Skirmish Beta:

- We got 40 unique ground units over all three factions - all of which are based on units featured in the series. (In case of the Wraith we had to invent some units though) 
- 15 additional hero units: 6 heroes for Tau'ri, 5 for the Goa'uld and 4 for the Wraith
- 30 new base building models: Around10 for each faction, each with neat construction animations and damage models
- Completely new set of offensive and defensive turrets for all three factions
- Amazing new animations for each unit and many buildings
- Special Jaffa units with retractable helmets – just like in the movie
- Unique features such as shield MALPs, Thor’s chariot, the Tacluchnatagamuntoron (congrats if you know what we are talking about without googling it:)), or Transportation Rings which allow you to instantly travel to distant locations on many maps
- Brand new walker vehicles for the Wraith that should catch the spirit of overall Wraith style very well
- Many new “made from scratch” special abilities that are faithful to the series
- Sound effects and music taken directly from the series for the most immersive experience
- Stargate-based ground maps that were made with care to faithfully re-create iconic locations from the show. For Tagrea alone we created around 50 individual building types, including a fully animated train and the Gun Balloons that surrounded Prometheus.
- 7 ground skirmish maps total and more on the way, which will be added later  
- Exceptionally stable performance especially in multiplayer – say goodbye to synchronization errors!


Everything on the above list was created from scratch for Pegasus Chronicles and next to nothing is ported from the original mod. This means no more re-skinned Shadow Troopers as Kulls or the Imperator as Anubis substitute!

What can you expect next?

- A close monitoring of your feedback on the initial release and hotfixes (if needed)

- The completion of all missing elements for the Wraith to make them 100% complete

- Addition the last few missing special abilities and fine-tuned balancing

- Release to the stable version once the points above have been addressed

- Continuation with neutral units. Right now, we have few of them ready, but of course we want even more!

But what about new Galactic Conquest (GC) maps?

Most of our planned GCs require all three main factions (Tau'ri, Goa'uld and Wraith) to have fully working ground forces. As such, we need to have a code basis first before expanding work on them.
When the point is reached that we're happy with the overall performance and balancing of the ground part we will fully focus on delivering new GC maps as well.

General info about Open Beta

Hearing about the Open Beta for the first time? Basically, the open beta is our way to present new and experimental features to you before releasing them to the stable version of our mod. It potentially comes with bugs and stuff that still requires fine-tuning but that is by design as the open beta is the place where you can help us to hunt down those bugs and provide your feedback on our ideas.
It is available both via our launcher and on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1145741406

All members of our community are free to share images and videos of the open beta in all places of the World Wide Web! The only thing we would like to ask for is to be always clear that you're sharing content of a beta version of our mod.
The full changelog is available here: Changelog

That would essentially wrap up today´s news. We are confident that you will enjoy this first piece of the ground skirmish and have at least as much fun with it as we had!
We would like to wish Marry Christmas to all of you and a happy and successful new year 2020!


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Dear Community,

It has been a while, has it not? Today we want to give you an update on our current progress and future plans.

Since you heard from us the last time, we had a lot of changes made to our internal version. Those have been bug fixes and new features that we were planning to add for a long time. As you can see, we had bit of a downtime in summer, but now we are back:

Due to a massive time investment from everyone, the ground combat is steadily progressing. And because of a restructure of our dependency architecture, crashes are at an all-time low.

We have also worked further on Pegasus Prelude and have fixed bugs and improved stability. These are planned to be released later this year.

We also noticed that a lot of you are asking for dates for releases and more news and you seem to be disappointed when we say that we cannot give you an exact. Please let us explain to you quickly why that is the case: We are a small team, working on this mod in our free time and with your, our communities, joy as our only reward. Because of that, progress is subject to team members availability and commitment. We simple do not want to commit to dates and then later must revoke them or release something that we are not happy with.

Last but not least, we would like to tell you how much we appreciate your support and your commitment to our project!

Until next time,



PS. Can someone tell us what Carter is up to again?!?

Hello dear community,

we have to inform you of a troubling development: just shortly after the release of Pegasus Prelude to stable we got contacted that our mod is under investigation by the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group as statutory representative of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, better known as MGM, the owner of Stargate's intellectual property (IP).

While no immediate action has been taken against us, many mods featuring Stargate content including ours have been informed that an IP claim has been made.

We duly hope that dust will settle over this matter, but we've been informed that the mod might have to be taken down if intellectual property has been used without explicit consent. These are the terms and we are making our projects based on MGM's intellectual property. This we cannot fight. Just like many modding projects containing Battlestar Galactica IP have been pulled in 2011 it appears that as things stand at present, the prospects are very poor to continue our mod in it's current form.

We love our project way too much to end it here and now so we have decided to make a drastic step: in the next version of our mod, we have decided to replace the ship models with those known from Star Trek as we believe to be on the save side here.

You can see an early version of our replacement in the screenshot below:

Amongst others we change the following:

               Tau´ri is now changed to the Federation of Planets.
               Goa´ulds are now changed to the Klingon Empire
               Wraiths are now changed to the Dominion.

In the end, we hope the change wouldn´t be that bad. After all, StarGate, or Star Trek, it doesn´t really matter as long as there is “Star”, in the title.

STMG (yeah, we had to change our name as well)


You guessed it...we will stay true to our beloved Stargate universe!

Make sure to check out Scifi at War which this screenshot belongs to: http://ow.ly/sOhM30ohcO7 :)

Happy Easter dear community!

We got you a few presents...none is egg-shaped but they are at least colorful. ;)

But before that a few words about the weather this weekend: Cloudy with a good chance of lightning strikes!
Some of you guessed it already after seeing the teaser on our social media...we included Thor's Chariot from the SG-1 episode of the same name.

This is how the proof of concept looked like:

And this is how we made it work:

  • Daniel Jackson got the weaken_enemy special ability. In the vanilla game, this ability spawns an instantly exploding projectile that affects nearby units. In our case, we've changed that in way that he only spawns an invisible dummy unit.
  • This invisible dummy has a lua script attached that enforces the spawn of another unit despite not being in an reinforcement zone.
  • The unit that is being spawned is also an invisibly dummy but the clue is that this invisible second dummy is spawned via transport.
  • The landing transport is the Beliskner class ship with a custom animation.
  • The transport comes with yet another script that plays a custom sound effect (thunder sounds found on the web) and a special particle effect to have those clouds.
  • In the first iteration (as you saw above), the Beliskner had a weapon hardpoint at its nose that would fire (test) projectiles while unloading the invisble dummy - using the original beam sound effect from the series.
  • Since it was hard to mimic the beam appearance from the episode that way we replaced that Hardpoint with a special ability, drain life. This ability creates beams towards mutiple targets.
  • We then replaced the vanilla beam effect with a custom one in order to have a proper beam effect.
  • All invisible dummies despawn themselves after they have triggered what they were supposed to.

We hope that you like the final result presented below:

On a more serious note: As most of you probably already know Carmen Argenziano the actor of Selmak/Jacob Carter has died this year's February.
It was a shocking news for everyone who enjoyed his acting and we've not been an exclusion.

We therefore would like to showcast our effort to immortalize his persona of Selmak/Jacob in our project.

A while ago we modelled his apperance in on of our live streams which is available as video on demand for everyone interested:

The result of the stream below:

Selmak face final
After that we attached the model of his head to a previously made Tok'ra body:

 To conclude the evolution of our Selmak/Jacob model we created another video of our Stargate EaW Shorts series:

We hope you like our efforts to keep the essence of this beloved character alive.

Stay tuned for more awesome ground stuff and enjoy Easter!


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Hello dear community,

after moving Pegasus Prelude to the stable version of our mod is now finally time to talk more about the ground part!
Today we would like to show you two features we will introduce to the ground part of Pegasus Chronicles.

First of we got the deployable staff cannon for you which was heavily requested back in the days of the original Stargate EaW however we've never been able to achieve it.
A lot of time has passed since then and the entire team learned many new skills which enabeled us to introduce the unit to our mod.
We hope you like the below showcast!

For those who did not recognize the type of Jaffa right away...it's a Necropolis Guard of Sokar.
Here is a render for you to see him in his full glory:

Necropolis Guard of Sokar

But there is more to this news and we're very proud of what comes next!
The ground part will come with a unique feature that has cost us quite some time and efforts...transportation rings!

You know this handy device that either helped our heroes of SG-1 to escape or brought in another round of enemies to make a desperate situation even more...interesting.
And that's pretty much how they will work in our mod. They will be pre-placed on specific maps where you can use them to outmaneuver your opponent.

This is how the proof of concept looked like:

And this is how we made them work:

- The rings are a regular capturable building that has been modified so units can run into it
- We've added a special ability (as a dummy) to the building. We've chosen power to weapons as it doesn't do anything when being clicked except that it's "active"
- Afterwards we've attached a script to the dummy that checks if the ability has been activated. if it is, it searches for the pairing ring (there are always rings paired, a connects to b, c to d, e to f) and validates that the unit to teleport is valid (it must still be alive and fit inside the rings [so no vehicles or flyers])
- The script then stops the movement of the unit inside of the ring (so you don't run out)
- Right away the script then plays the transport animation on the ring and shortly afterwards spawns a "light beaming" particle effect. With a short delay, also the animation of the second ring platform is triggered.
- As the game doesn't support random animation name, we've decided to go with the BUILD_00 animation as those aren't necessary in any other way for the rings
- Once the particle effect covers the unit in the ring, the script teleports the unit to the paired ring
- The script then disables the ability and reenables the movement of the teleported unit
- Aaaand that's it :)

 We hope that you like the final result presented below:

Oh and while this news is called "Goa'uld spotlight"...yes other factions can use the rings as well. ;)

Not enough new stuff yet? During the week the team already published the picture of an "important building" on Discord. Join us there to keep up to date on the latest news!

An important building
Last Sunday we also resumed our development stream with the first Particle and Effect stream which you can still watch as video on demand below:

If you enjoyed those...good news! We will continue with another stream tomorrow!

Effect and particle stream IIYoutube or Twitch

Stay tuned for more awesome ground stuff!


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